Longer range affordable vehicles

The vehicle selection so far is great, but it would be nice if you could get some vehicles that are a bit more affordable but offer longer range capabilities for those of us that like to go away on the weekend.

Motorway driving is challenging in the e208 I’m using currently…

A suggestion like the ID.3 tour would be good with a realistic range of 290+ miles, there’s a few more out there that would do similar

It could be worth spending less money and getting a Zoe now it’s getting colder? Bigger battery, greater efficiency and more range than the 208.

Otherwise you’re looking at a step up to the Hyundai Kona if you want the very longest range at the moment.

I’m sure there will be more to come. But now isn’t a great time with the chip shortages going on where cars are in high demand and short supply.


I noted when “Fully Charged Show” reviewed the Ë-c4 that Bobby Llew had a good rant about the current issue that manufacturers feel the need to load up the electric models with all the toys. I suppose that’s nice, and they hope that will generate a sort of minimum level of tech that they can regularly sell and help justify premium prices. But that clearly affects affordability equations.

I’m sitting here waiting patiently for my first EV BECAUSE as the market moves I cannot see being tied in to a purchase in any way while the potential is for those better VFM offerings to be piling on to the market almost with monthly frequency. So my hope is that things will just continually improve and that backing the Onto ship is the way to sail into a good future…

Putting it simply we just need two catalysts:

For MG (and other Chinese competitors) to continue to do significantly well - their forthcoming offerings look very exciting in current VFM terms.

And - since Merc/Audi/BMW/Jaguar etc won’t be doing it - for the likes of Kia/Hyundai to turn out their exciting Ioniq 5 and EV6 into proper “small” Up! and Zoe sized competitors without any more delay.

But where were we, say, just 2-3 years ago? Will we be that much further forward again by, say, 2023?

Just a bit more patience? :thinking:


Some of the Chinese cars at the motor shows look great.

I can see the big German 3 having to drop prices or offer more toys free to keep the brand differential. I have had German cars for 25 years (BMW, Audi, Merc) and I’m struggling to justify the price as it is now more style than substance.

Unless you need the space, is the new Q4 worth twice the price of the ID3??? and that’s in the same car manufacturing group.

Interesting times coming with car pricing and brands.


I have a Hyundai kona and the range is nowhere near 290 unfortunately….that’s why I specifically went for that more expensive model too…

The thing is the German brands will always win as its a badge thing people would rather drive a German than Korean car even if it isn’t as good, it’s always been the same .


Agreed, I suppose I was one of those people until I got an EV.

I like traditional look of the Audi and Merc EVs but not for what you now get for your money.

Badge snobbery these days is hard to justify, I’ve had germans and remember a few years back taking the mickey from a mate that had a Kia Mentor. Now I have an eNiro and will be sorry to see it go when its lease is up, serves me right for taking a 12 month lease at the time . Being replaced by an iD.3 family pro in a couple of weeks.

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I’m in the ID3 life at the minute and I do like the way it drives.

I did like the Kona Ultimate (excluding the bings and bongs)

Tempted to go for the ID family in December just to get the few extra toys, but the life does tick plenty of boxes.

The seat material is about the only thing I don’t like about the car.

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I also have the new Kona and my range is typically around 270-280


Yeah I also have the new Kona and I’m constantly seeing a range of 280+. I tend to keep it till 80% since most journeys can be covered in that. I honestly really like the kona ultimate. All the toys make the experience even better and the range is just perfect for me. I’ll be keeping this for a while until the Model Y doesn’t arrive in the UK. Then will have to say goodbye to the kona. Kona’s acceleration is also pretty good. Proper red light rocket.


Are you doing city driving or motorway driving? Mine is pretty much 80% motorway driving and I’m getting an average of 3.9/kw…so 80% battery gives me around 200-210 miles.

You can get a little more than 3.9 even on a motorway. Try to turn your heating down to a warm and comfortable temperature rather than hot, or make use of the heated seats and wheel?

Go light on the accelerator pedal when building up speed and plan ahead to avoid the need to brake. When you do need to slow down, use regen.

Be mindful of your speed. If you really need to get every possible mile from your battery then sure you can do the boring option of enabling HDA at a safe but close distance behind a lorry and you’ll see a pretty significant increase to your range. But even if going at your own pace, just go a little more relaxed. Remember that 70 is the limit not the target. Go with the flow of traffic because at higher speeds, even a few mph difference can make a huge change to your efficiency.

With that said. After 200+ miles of driving do you not want a break to recharge the car, stretch your legs, grab a snack or drink and go to the bathroom anyways? I found that the Kona often had more stamina than me with these very long journeys.


Like all cars, ICE or EV, the quoted range is a ‘theoretical’ number based on a set of tests that doesn’t reflect an individual’s driving style/manner or the road and environment conditions. They are over optimistic and rarely anywhere near accurate for most drivers.

You can achieve them by being a ‘Sunday’ driver and essentially ‘automating’ your driving style and using less energy hungry devices (like climate control) along with the performance crippling modes like ‘eco’.

I am of the view that an EV is required to be a direct replacement for an ICE and as such it is set to normal drive mode and climate to 21deg C and driven just like an ICE, enjoy and accept the range is less than what any manuf is quoting. If driving long distances, stop every 2 hrs. for a rest break and recharge yourself and car and then carry on.


A lot of what you write makes sense - I agree re the range. I’ve just accepted that my style of driving and journey type means that I’ll get 150 miles or so between charges. The issue that I have is the number of broken chargers and queues at motorway stations (I regularly drive 170 mile trip to London and then back again once or twice a week).

That and the lack of chargers on the street (my town of 20,000 people has one charger with two cables) has led me to the place where I’m not sure the battery technology and charging is there yet for me to switch permanently to an EV once I decide to end the Onto lease. It’s adding 1-1.5 hours to my drive once I’ve found a charger, used it and then found another charger near the end of my journey to make sure I have enough to drive most of the way back.

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That’s without using heating or ac…

As for driving style - if I am below 70 then my drive changes from 3.5 hours to 4 hours plus…

I end up having to stop twice - once half way and then once near the end of my journey so that I have enough juice to start the journey back again in a couple of days after work. So that’s an extra hour and 30 mins… so a 5 hour journey. That’s if the chargers aren’t broken or being used already.

I love driving my Kona and I love the idea of EV but it’s not quite there yet for me in terms of being quite difficult to make it all work.

So its a mixed driving. I tend to do one long 160 or 170 mile trip every week. Rest of the week is city driving. It is getting a bit chilly now during evenings so I do use my heated seats and heated steering wheel. I rarely use the fans to heat up the cabin. The only time I have done that is when I’m charging. I tend to make it really hot when I’m charging and then that stays warm for a long time. I am getting about 4.4 miles per kW which makes me feel I’ll get just about 280 miles off a full charge. As I said, I don’t tend to go to 100%. Max I’ve gone is 90%, the kona has one disadvantage, the charging speed at higher percentage is really slow.

The routes I tend to take have an ionity charger in between so I don’t have to worry about chargers. They are pretty reliable. Plus near my home I have a few ESB chargers which are pretty convenient.

I do use the cruise control. Set it to 70mph and distance at 2 or 3 with lane assist and let the car manage its power. City runs I tend to do the driving myself and I keep the car on ECO. I have changed the settings to allow all the HVAC systems to work on ECO. So the only thing I restrict is power. Also for city driving since I’m in London there are loads of ubitricity charge points so I tend to plug it in whenever so most of the time when I return home in round about the same charge what I left with.

Yesterday I went down to Hammersmith, left with 71%, reached at 69%, plugged it in for about an hour and 45 mins. Left at 74% from Hammersmith and reached home with 72%. Got my work done and got a bit more charge as well.

I feel EVs make us more efficient provided charging infrastructure is reliable and good.

Also, back in September I spoke to my council and asked if a lamp post charger could be installed near my home. They have agreed and by the end of November they should have it setup. Provider is char.gy which we get with Shell card so works out for me.

I’d really recommend everyone to try speak with their local council and try get this infrastructure set up. The more we speak up the better the services will be. Local councils are given a small budget to improve their EV charging infrastructure so best to use it and make our and prospective drivers lives easier.

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@Pranjal you must live really really close to me - are those ESB chargers mostly on Godstone Road?

Interesting about the lamppost charger - let me know how that goes, I would love to be able to use it too :grin:

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I and all other EV drivers share this view, as it’s pretty shambolic at present. Some of it is improving but the infrastructure already in place is a mess and not being maintained well enough in many places either. The rapid growth in EV numbers is also putting pressure on the infrastructure and ‘peak’ times are seeing increased numbers that have to queue. There are many new chargers going in and upgrades being done, which is good to see, but it’s never fast enough for the huge transition we all need to go through to ditch fossil fuels.

There is no doubt that having an EV and being a ‘road warrior’ is very challenging and extra time is required for journeys. Until every motorway services has say at least 10 or more rapid chargers that are nearly 100% reliable, then it is time consuming for a straight A to B journey. Many EV drivers are lucky enough to be doing much shorter journeys, less frequently and have charging capabilities at regular venues they visit like the gym/supermarket and also home charging, so it doesn’t impact in the same way as yourself.

I think you might look at some other Kona threads on speakev where there are some that do longer trip mileage like you everyday and have done for years already, using the mway infrastructure. The Kona is a good choice for the best range/performance, but if I was a road warrior I would find it very hard not go with Tesla, purely for the charging infrastructure.

Try and hang in there for as long as you can with ONTO and maybe try time shifting the longer journeys if you can as you may be more successful in lessening the time and stress.

Keep the thread updated on how you get on and what you ultimately decide to do.