Long term plan - use the Tesla App?


Wondering what the plans are, long term, if using the Tesla App is a possible milestone?

Only reason I ask, is because the Tesla App is rather feature heavy, vs the Evezy app.

I do understand/realise that not everything on the Tesla App is needed, but there are some handy things you can do, if you can directly link to it. For instance, at the moment, the range on my car, isn’t great but if I could link it to the third party tools, I could keep a track of what mileage I get on a nice app/form and see how things progress.

I also understand that possibly, Tesla currently have a 1:1 relationship with the account setup, in other words, you cannot have a third party/lease in the middle, hence why you do not offer it, if this is the case, then there isn’t much that can be done and you are at the mercy of Tesla and their API’s,

Nevertheless, would be awesome to know :slight_smile:


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Yes EVezy mentioned months ago in a Tesla Thur email that this was a possibility. They said that the set up at the moment means all the EVezy Teslas come under each app (if that makes sense?) so effectively each user would be able to control all the fleet. Therefore Tesla were the cause of us not being able to have the app. EVezy said Tesla maybe working on changing the setup though. Which would be awesome if it happens! An update from EVezy would be good…please…:slight_smile:

@cava83 You’ve hit the nail on the head with your hypothesis. Tesla’s current setup means that all cars are currently under one account, which limits our ability to provide you, the customer, with access to their app.

We’re hoping to see new API endpoints available in the future to provide more features, functionality, and data within our own app, however there are no concrete signs on when these will be available from Tesla at present.

If there are any updates, we’ll be sure to let the community know!


Thank you for confirming.

I thought that was the case.

The issue at hand is probably you and Tesla do not have timescales, so we shall continue as we are.

Just need to add a few things to your app and we should be all good :slight_smile: