List of included charging networks?

Hi, is there a list of the networks that fall under the various cards included in the subscription? I’m planning my first long journey in an EV next weekend and I remember the person that delivered the car mentioned a few of the providers I could use but from what I gather, the likes of the Shell network include chargers that might not necessarily be under the Shell name.

Could somebody point me in the right direction please? I did find this post below but it’s over a year old now so unsure how up to date it is.

From a doc I keep in the car for my wife and I to consult:
(may not be completely up to date)

"Charging stations included with OnTo (which are all free to use with the OnTo package with the 3 charge cards included):
BP Pulse card
Instavolt card
Shell Recharge card
You can’t use TESLA chargers, yet.
You need CCS or Type 2 connectors (there is a type 2 in the car) - check ZapMap

Shell Recharge Card (a number of these are mainly found on Europe mainland)
Alfa Power
Chargepoint (lower power on-street)
ESB (Coventry and London)
EV Box
Fastned (UK-wide network)
Franklin LiFE
Geniepoint (UK-wide network)
Grønn Kontakt
Has To Be
Ionity (UK-wide network)
NewMotion (UK-wide network)
Osprey (UK-wide network)
RAW Charging (Slough?)
Ubitricity - Use the Shell App
Vattenfall UK

Instavolt Card - only Instavolt (UK-wide network)

BP Pulse Card
CYC Charge Your Car (UK-wide network)
BP Pulse (UK-wide network)

Not included with OnTo Subscription (But you can pay for these with contactless card, or use an app for which you’ve registered a payment method)
CPS (Charge Place Scotland) - but they are introducing an APP
Ecotricity/Gridserve - (UK-wide network) VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay directly at the charging point (at a LOT of motorway services)
Source London
Charger net (south Dorset)
PodPoint - lower powered charger at supermarket and car parks (often 7 or 11 kw) use an app, often free to use"


Thank you, this is very helpful. Like the other poster, I’m just trying to set up Zap-map so I know where I can and can’t expect “free” charging on my way.

The latest list I have made is as follows:
(Note that some networks have merged or rebranded for example Franklin LiFE is part of RAW, Hubsta is now part of Mer, Grønn Kontakt and Engenie brands are now dead etc.)

Alfa Power
Electric Blue (EB Charging)
EV Box
Has To Be
Mer (Hubsta)
RAW Charging (Franklin LiFE)
Shell Recharge
Ubitricity (Use Shell app)


BP Pulse (Polar)
Charge Your Car (CYC, and regional variations of the network for example ChargerNet, and some local council branded networks - Check with individual brands)

Can now be removed from the list of exclusions. Ecotricity the charging network is now officially dead. They have been replaced with Gridserve units. The small few residual units will be on free vend now so no need for an app.

That should be accesible with the BP Pulse card unless things have changed recently


Hi all,

Thank you for the list, it’s a really useful reference tool. Just checking, has anybody been able to charge at a Fastned charger? I tried the ones at Redbridge P&R in Oxford while I was down there for work and it wouldn’t accept my card.

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I’ve used those a number of times before Xmas and they worked fine then.

Thank you @burnt_crisps2, I’ll try again (when Onto have sorted out my Shell card that they have somehow managed to block and no-one can tell me why or how long it will take to resolve :roll_eyes: )

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Always worth calling Onto/Shell to chase up and when on site at a charger call the helpline number if it doesnt work too, along with try another charger.

You can register your Shell card in the Fastned app as a payment method and use Autocharge so it just starts charging as soon as you plug in, or similarly activate the charge session through the Shell Recharge app too. Just be sure to remove your card from your account before you return a car to Onto so it’s ready for the next user, or you may be charged to replace it.

I’ve never used the ones at Oxford but Fastned are big in my local area and I used them regularly as both an Onto subscriber as well as with my own car and charging membership. They’ve always been very reliable for me so hopefully you don’t come across this issue in future, but at least if you do you know about a couple of other app based options to try out too.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll add the Shell card to Fastned (when it’s re-activated lol).

I see Shell recharge now includes MFG chargers. Just announced yesterday. Gives drivers access to more than 240 additional rapid charge points across the UK, Most of which are 150kW.

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More rapids that we can access is always a good thing

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They started working with Shell cards a fair bit before this official announcement. I used an MFG station about 2 - 3 weeks ago after I noticed it showed on the shell app.


Yup - used my first MFG (Filton nr Bristol) just after Christmas. And used one twice this week - just a single Alpitronic 150 on the way into Torquay.

I get the feeling they’re going to get a lot of units installed in sites (preferably banks if 6 or more) over the coming months… will be looking out for them.

Zap-Map and filtering for new sites is a good exercise once a month….