Link to Polar in Onto app

As I am just about to start my first subscription, I got a little confused when my Onto app sprung to life this morning. Having a nose around a I clicked the ‘Chargers’ button I saw a ‘Polar Network’ link.

My research tells me this is what came before BP Pulse and was a merger of BP Chargemaster and Polar, but this appeared to have happened in 2020.

I’m using Zap-Map anyway, but I was a bit surprised to see this link (rather than one to BP Pulse) and especially as the link goes nowhere. Unless I’m missing something? I’ve searched the forum and can’t see whether this has come up before.


Yeah Chargemaster/Polar/Pulse (and to a lesser extent their abandoned CYC legacy brand) it’s all the same network owned by BP. They just keep changing their name to avoid the bad reputation. No matter what they want to call themselves now, it’s still a network best avoided imo if there’s any of the many others in the area that can be accessed by your Shell card instead.

Shame my nearest options are all BP Pulse! :joy:

Then again, this is what this dipping the toe in the water with Onto is all about for me - to understand the realities of running an EV.

Anyway, the driver is almost here….

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BP reliability can be patchy so by all means give your local one a try and hopefully it’ll be one of the good ones.

What vehicle are you getting?


If it’s any consolation, I quite often find BP can work…. Marginally, I’d say the majority (probably about 52%:48%)

I think that people avoid them, so sometimes they can be OK. Fellow chargees have praised BP Customer Service on occasion too :man_shrugging:t2: But - the Onto experience - it all comes into focus how your locale is populated with CPs and what works for you in terms of geography and timing….

Good luck (and welcome)


The only option I had really (in my price bracket) - the Zoe GT Line (flame red).

I guess my original ‘issue’ is that the link in app is a dead link anyway, so I was surprised it was still there and not at least a link to BP Pulse.

There is good news though - I’ve found a reasonably close Ionity charger :joy:

And I’ve got to say that the whole process……so far… has been very smooth. The driver has provided good communication and in fact has just contacted me to say he is going to be a little late as the car wash queue is quite long! I can see which one he is at so I can we’ll believe it.

Hopefully things continue in the same vein.


Take plenty of photos of the condition of your vehicle inside and out for future reference. You should get two charging cards in addition to the Polar/BP Pulse one. Shell (for you local Ionity, and many more networks) and InstaVolt.

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The handover process went very smoothly. The car only had delivery miles on it so the inspection was very easy. Ironically the driver (who was excellent by the way) spotted a scratch on the rear near side door which I missed! We both took photos and I reported it.

All cards and cables received as expected.

We took pity and took the to the railway station so we could get a quick lesson on how to drive one of these things! :joy:

We then did a trial mini-top up charge. And yes, it was at a BP Pulse charger. All went well there.

The only ‘odd’ thing so far is that despite using the app to lock and unlock the car, the miles left is still showing 750 and the battery % left is currently 0% which is clearly not the case, so I’ll keep my eye on that.


When I first got my Kona, my mileage didn’t update properly for the first couple of days - it sorted itself out after using the app a few times, but if not just give Ono CS a shout.

App is … shall we say “temperamental” at times/for some…… but doesn’t necessarily update every time.

Good on you for taking driver to station! :+1: I know you had ulterior motive, but just reinforces what nice people EV drivers are :clap:

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You may need to use the app a few times before it starts reporting correct figures. Best not to rely on it though. Take an odometer reading yourself and use this as a backup if you think you may inadvertently go over the 750 miles allowance. Or use one of the trip meters to monitor your mileage and reset each renewal date.

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Thank you on all fronts.

I’d read somewhere on here that the app didn’t always update when you expected it to so it’s no biggie for now.

I felt sorry for the young lad who delivered the car. A blazing hot day and not sure what if any train he was going to be able to catch. We’re not that far from the station so it was the least we could do.

Hopefully all future interactions are as easy and smooth as our first. I won’t take it for granted though! :joy: