Lights on granny 3 pin charger

Zoe 3 pin charger at home -

Flashing BLUE charging light on the charger - is this charging? Solid Blue light? I’ve had both, and kept tripping circuit breaker at home. Seems ok now.

Any advice on home charging with the 3 pin able appreciated!


This should be taken fairly seriously- it could be the electrics in your house / situation aren’t up to scratch if you’re getting something trip.

3-pin / Granny chargers are best to be used as a backup / in case of emergency rather than relied on – what’re the electrics like (age etc) in your house, and what are you plugging it into (e.g. is it on an extension cable at any point, a multi way outlet, in a garage or outhouse etc?)

Though they can be used safely, they’re not intended for long term use I’m afraid.


Thanks Tyson, it’s now OK, was on an extension with another item plugged in, inside of house.

Thank you


Glad it’s ok now.

I would suggest using something extremely sturdy and rated for high current if using an extension lead with a granny charger (if at all)- something potentially from somewhere like this: Electric vehicle leads – Tough Leads

(Note no affiliation with this company).

You definitely want to not overload any wall socket or regular extension cord and make sure you monitor things for warmth.

While it’s unlikely to have an issue, having an in line RCD can be the difference between life and death in the event of a failure too.

If you’re charging at home long term, having a proper home charger installed could be a lifesaver— as well as charging your car approx 3x faster as an added benefit.


Thanks, am moving house so will be installing in new home :slight_smile: appreciate the advice!


@debbieE17 Hi Debbie!

Usually if the charge is cutting out on a 3 pin cable it is due to the electrics/wiring in the house. The equipment with the vehicle contains a lot of safety features and if it detects an issue with the earth connection or there isn’t a stable connection it won’t charge as it needs to be 100% sure nothing is going to harm anyone touching the cable.

We do strongly recommend plugging directly into the 3pin socket and not using an extension where possible as extensions aren’t always stable and we have seen a couple of instances in the past where using an extension has resulted in charging cables melting or the car refusing to charge.

As @Tyson Mentioned, a 3kwh 3 pin socket will take about 23 hours to fully charge a Zoe, Where as a 7kWh home charger will do it in around 8 which is a huge difference.

I hope this helps! if you have any other concerns or questions please let me know