Let's meet 😀

Hello ev friends :slight_smile:
I had this idea for a while now and seeing how enthusiastic and passionate you are all about electric cars I think it will be great if we meet in person! Long time ago I was part of a Alfa Romeo fan club and I have to tell you that when dozens of the same brand cars turns up at one place is absolutely amazing. Well in our case we all going to be electric :wink:. So it can be anything … from a coffee to trip to some landmark?

So what do you think?


I do like the idea, a couple of South Yorkshire members mentioned doing the same, where is everyone based (those that are interested in meeting)

Barnsley, South Yorkshire here.

Bristol :smiley: yeah sounds good

I will get round to arranging a South Yorkshire Meetup, just busy at the moment with working and also Uni work…

Im off next week so will start planning something… :stuck_out_tongue: I am thinking Coffee and a Charge :slight_smile: at Fox Valley or Manvers…

I’m in Barnsley as well…


I’m in London. Can we do somewhere central to most of us? Would like to join and meet you all?

Yeah I’ll defo attend a London meet up or further afield with advance notice

May be better to look for organised EV meets In towns as i have seen lots of them recently that way you help promote ev to the general public aswell?

Not seen any in this neck of the woods, for a long long time… not sure why…

I also think this is more an informal thing to meet other onto’ers :slight_smile:

And now’t wrong with doing both :slight_smile:

To be honest my idea was for ONTO members in general. Simply because we all here thanks to them. But your idea also sounds good :+1:.


This has been suggested a few times but I suppose it takes someone to properly arrange it for it to actually happen. :joy:

I’m Midlands based but would be happy to travel a short way depending on the date.

I’m in Kent, so wherever it happens it’ll be a mission for me lol

The Only way is Essex :wink:

Well I’m 20 minutes from London but we might have to wait more people to respond?

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I’m in South London. So don’t mind anything nearby

Rotherham/Barnsley border here (Brampton)

Well we want to meet somewhere with chargers :wink: somewhere easy to get to with plenty of parking for us all. Reasonably central.

Howabout Newport Pagnell services? One of the first motorway services to open so seems fitting to visit it with a bunch of EVs. Plenty of parking, places to eat, chargers (not free for us though!) and should be easy to get to for most?

Perhaps we could set a date for next Spring like April or May when the weather is warmer and days are longer?

There’s a lot of cheapskates on these forums. I don’t think you’ll find many willing to not only pay 30p/kWh charging plus the price of service station food and drink!

I really don’t think it’s a great place for it anyways. The Electric Highway chargers do get very busy at times, plus there’s parking time restrictions to worry about as well. It’s probably better to aim for something just off a motorway instead, and ideally somewhere that has a big charging hub.

Any places you can think of? Depends how many of us show up I guess

@mozzauk @sunderlandafclad ?

I can’t say if I’ll be able to make it but if I can I’ll be popping by in the morning to have a nosey.

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I went to the last on at Elsecar and it was a complete cock up…

But they have spoken to Our Cow Molly who are fully onboard… unlike Elsecar Heritage Centre.

I should be going along, although leaving the wallet at home, as otherwise ill be going with a shopping list :slight_smile:

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If I make it I’ll be bringing the kids so no chance of leaving my wallet at home with ice cream for sale!