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Hi all! Looks like it’s survey week :wink:

This time around, we want your input to know what you love about your Onto cars! We really value your opinion and understanding what exactly makes your car special will help us better inform future decisions regarding new cars. At the same time, it will help us improve our website content to ensure we are highlighting those important features!

Please take a couple of minutes to give us your opinion here!

At the end of the survey, there is a question about writing a review for your car. We want to show your opinion to new users straight on our car page! If you don’t want to be featured, simply click no.

If you want to review multiple cars, you are welcome to submit the survey multiple times!

Everyone who fills out the survey will be entered into a raffle to win a FREE month of their subscription :smiley: Please note that only Onto members with an active subscription (and their named drivers) are eligible for this prize.


Is adaptive cruise control an interior or exterior feature ?

All done! @gt6k I was wondering the same, but ended up putting it into the next section about any other features we like.

Are you just rubbing it in as the majority of us don’t have it? :wink:

Good idea though as this will show how important this feature is and inform ONTO when they decide which makes and models to add to the fleet.


It can be helpful to know in advance what questions are coming up later. Fortunately in this survey you could return to a previous question.

@Lily_at_Onto it could be useful though, to have a list of all the questions at the beginning of the survey, to avoid a lot of backtracking and editing.


In terms of what features members would like to see in new cars, I suspect it’s probably often a case of people just wanting everything that’s on offer (or most of it) for any particular car…so that probably means in most cases simply just offering the top of the range version of each car, (and additionally optioning some key features if they are still not standard on the top version).

eg. The i3 was great because it had been optioned with adaptive cruise control. It would have been even better if it had been optioned with CarPlay.

I avoided the e-208 because the top of the range version wasn’t / isn’t offered - and so it misses adaptive cruise control.

I may well be mistaken, but my strong suspicion is that most people would want all cars to have as a minimum the following features if they are available and offered on that particular model:

  1. CarPlay/Android Auto
  2. Adaptive cruise control
  3. Heated seats
  4. Any faster charging options
  5. LED headlights

That’s not to stay that lower rung versions couldn’t /shouldn’t be offered too, but in my view the aim should be for the starting point to be the top of the range versions. I do appreciate though that the offerings are likely highly dependent of what sort of deals can be struck with manufacturers!


I agree. I love the look of the e-208, but the GT-Line and even the new GT misses certain features that are a must for me, and most of them are reflected in the cars I’ve had from on.to so far: First the i3, then the Ioniq, and now the Kona. They all have certain features in common, for example Adaptive Cruise Control, Heated Seats, and fast charging.

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Submitted - I guess the frequent swapping paid off in the end :laughing: Fingers crossed :smiley:

i3, Leaf Acenta, ZE50, e-208, M3 SR+

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Just a thought, but perhaps even more useful than the listing for each car pointing out what features others drivers like, would be to have some comments on what others drivers thought were the downsides of that particular car, or things that at least were worth giving thought to.

So for example, the i3 listing could say that some other drivers found the ride around town on poorly maintained roads to be a little more bumpy than many other cars.

And the Kona listing could say that some others drivers found the lack of true one pedal driving to be a disadvantage compared to other EVs that do offer this.

It may not seem intuitively sensible for the listings to talk about negatives, but I think that actually that sort of real world feedback would be valued by existing and future customers, and would convey a sense that it is indeed a community and that Onto wants to help people find the right car for them.

Can I be cheeky and use my previous ICE car that has just gone back? (2020 A3).

The driver assistance pack that includes adaptive cruise and lane keep assist (the type that properly keeps you in lane).

I always chose this pack on my company cars, once you have had them it’s weird driving without.

I feel way safer on the motorway with this kit operating (more time to keep an eye on other road users).

Oh and apple carplay! :grinning:

Having these options would almost certainly sway me into choosing a more expensive car (I appreciate a M3 has the above minus Apple CarPlay), and would probably keep people in the same car longer.

Good suggestions! The Kona does support full one pedal driving (more or less) though. If you pull the left paddle as it slows down it comes to a complete stop, unlike the first Ioniq for example.

Nah! - sorry @Igrok, but once you’ve driven an i3 around London for nearly 2 years then the one (foot) pedal plus one (hand) pedal solution in the Kona just isn’t as good!

I now have to think and act more at every single junction - before, in the i3, I literally just lifted off and the car came to a full stop (ok not down hill - but there are hardly any hills where I drove!).

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Not sure if you are already aware, but the Kona has these these features and they work very well.

I am so used to one pedal driving that i didn’t even mention it in the survey.

@Kev did you do a separate survey for each of the five cars that you’ve had? Does that increase your chances of winning a free month? @Lily_at_Onto I protest in the strongest terms :wink:


Hey, each entry has cost me £50 each!!!

On the updated website, a customer says about the Leaf:

“The Leaf is a great car for me. It is very comfortable to drive and very practical with the on board technology! Fast charging is also a huge bonus.” Kevin, from Sheffield

Such a great car he’s now got a Tesla M3! :wink:


It was actually a very good car, it’s quick charging is also good, but any more than 1 charge is tedious with the lack of active cooling.

I do longer journeys so the M3 with Supercharging works very well :slight_smile: but the wife would do fine in a leaf as she never drives more than 30 minutes :see_no_evil:

Well you didn’t warn potential Leaf customers of that did you? A very biased review I’d say :rofl:

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Not at all, it’s a great little car which is well equipped, on a car with average range, and with a 1000 mile allowance, I doubt anyone would have the same issues that I had doing 160 miles with a 100 motorway range during a heatwave.

It was me asking a bit too much of the car that highlighted the battery temp issue

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