Leftover Mileage Transfer to Lower Tiers?

I’m planning to swap my ID4 to something smaller sometime soon… However I’m stuck with almost 1000 miles that I’m certain I won’t be able to burn off before the swap. It turned out that my multiple family trips to the Scottish Highlands did not take much miles as I’d expected XD

As I’m quite certain that I wouldn’t need larger cars within a year… Could Onto make exceptions to transfer miles to lower tier cars?

I clearly see that they can’t do transfer to higher tiers for obvious reasons, but I don’t see any harm the other way around.

This has been requested several times in the past. The answer has always been that they will look into and consider it, but there has never been any changes made.

If you switch now though, you will still get a few months of the full 1000 miles allowance as a legacy subscriber which should help build up a bit of a mileage buffer before you get the reduced allowance after the transition period ends. This should hopefully be enough to keep you going with your new, smaller model as it doesn’t sound like you come close to your allowance too often.

Which model are you thinking of swapping to? Especially with the lowest tier the extra mileage isn’t too expensive anyway. So it’s probably not the end of the world if you did need to buy some extra miles as a one-off - especially when compared to the monthly price of your current ID.4

Good morning @macch

Looks like @Koda has beat me to it. We currently don’t offer an option to transfer miles from different tiers. It has been something we’ve considered previously & it’s always being reviewed, however, at the moment aren’t able to offer this.

Your unused miles do remain available for 12 months and should you decide to swap back to that tier at any point, they would automatically reactivate and become available for you.

It’s just that I don’t want to waste the leftover miles… In fact I’ve purchased extra miles every month, thinking that it wouldn’t be enough to cover my planned multiple visits to Scotland.

I thought even with the added bolt ons I would end up going over the limit and pay the extra a bit; I guess I just played it too safe when I was calculating the needed miles XD

Then I guess I’ll just have to make an impromptu road trip to somewhere soon… Maybe Wales this time :slight_smile:


@macch - Wales is beautiful - I go quite often from London. My usual charging stop is Chippenham Ionity. it’s not at the services, but one or two junctions away and a short drive.

It’s a truck stop with 4 Ionity Chargers, and lovely cafe/restaurant & no where nearly as busy as motorway services. :wink:

It’s the Chippenham Pit Stop…


The Elan Valley area is a lovely place to visit. This road offers amazing views and an incredible driving experience.


Isn’t it just…



Elan, every time….


Right then! When’s the Onto outing to Elan happening?

Anywhere nice to stay? I’m going for a visit just from those pics alone! A meet up and a brew with fellow Ontee’s would be most welcome.


Wow !! Those photos bring back lovely memories of being a child and staying in Rhayader , in the Elan Valley. Loved going to the dams.
I think a road trip is going to be on the cards, hopefully will be able to charge my Zoe up somewhere in the area.

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