Leftover Mileage Bolt-On Transfers

Any updates from Onto with regards to being able to transfer, specifically for those looking to move to a lower tier.

Question: Have Onto ever explained their reasons why they don’t allow " * The credit can’t be transferred if you swap to a car from a different tier." - it doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

We’d ALL obviously love for it to be a simple transfer of mileage from one vehicle to the other. But if not could they:

  1. Allow a % of mileage to be transferred - Higher Tier transfer to Lower Tier
  2. Allow is to pay a £ to transfer Higher to Lower / Lower to Higher.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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Eminently sensible ideas - I know I have expressed this view in person to at a couple of people at Onto.

I know this would be attractive to the electrowhores like me that like to jump around from car-to-car - I cannot see any downside for subscribers whether they swap or not.

@Rob_at_Onto any thoughts of making it part of our Christmas Present :christmas_tree: this year :gift:


Hi @JockRusky Thanks for the feedback. We have had this feedback from our Onto community in the past and it’s on a list of improvements to make. Unfortunately we can’t provide a timeline but I will keep the community updated when we are able to prioritise.


Exactly, I don’t think there is a downside for Onto either. And, from reading past feedback, the transfer of mileage has been brought up in the Community for well over a year yet it seems to be always at the bottom of the priority list.

In the past, we’ve had to wait for other features to be improved. Look how long it took us to get a key!