Leaving for EU - VE103B Form Missing Additional Driver

hi guys,

While I was doing my pre-departure checks for a trip tomorrow to EU. Just realised that On.To’s VE103B form only has my name on it but not my partners (she is listed as the additional driver on the account). Previous year’s VE103B has both of us. Does it matter?

I am a bit sick of Onto’s EU travel process. This is the second time I did it, and both time it had played up massively. Last year - it played up as the VE103b was not delivered on time (despite me asking for it 1 month in advance)), and after many many calls to Onto we finally agreed to get someone to deliver it to me (they are about 20mins down the road). This year, they got the dates around when they first reigstered me and again it took me a few attemps to get it sorted. pretty hopeless…


In legal terms if there is an accident then yes, in practical terms probably not.
Too late to get it amended now before you depart, I think, unless someone can email a corrected version to you, in which case it is not so time sensitive.
You need to flag @Adam_at_Onto and @Hena_at_Onto to get some corrective action.

Erm I just called them and they seem to tell me (even did it via an email) to say that the named driver (who is unnamed on the VE103) can drive the car without any issues…, I am confused but at least onto’s has got the legal liability now.

My quick google seems to indicate that the norm is to name all drivers explicitly- even see cases when additional forms are issued to accomodate 3rd or 4th drivers (a standard form can only fit 2…) .

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still quite annoyed by the process- ONTO really needs to fix this. The process is super inefficient and error -prone.

It is in the terms that only the main driver can drive the car abroad.

Hi @flatw8 That does indeed sound frustrating. I’ll ask @Hena_at_Onto to check with the ops team and provide clarify on your question.


Hi @flatw8 hope you’re well!

Our EU Team have advised that you are welcome to write in the name of your named driver in the box on the form and that would be all that is required. To make this easier in future, we are also looking to implement a question about named driver’s on the EU travel form, so this can be filled out before the VE103B is sent out to customers. I hope this helps, but sorry for any trouble caused to you!


Great thank you @Hena_at_Onto @Adam_at_Onto for sorting this out. And glad to know that the team is keen to make it easier!


@flatw8 we have changed the form today. Any future travel we will capture additional drivers when you apply. Thanks for providing this feedback and making it better for the future users of the EU product.