Launching.... the Onto-branded Fiat 500

Interested in the Fiat 500 Icon Hatchback and want to spread the word about Onto in exchange for a monthly discount?

As some of the eagle-eyed of you may have noticed already, we’re now offering brand new Onto-wrapped Fiat 500s! It’s everything you love about the Fiat 500 with some stylish Onto branding to spice things up. You’ll save a handy £50 a month on your subscription compared to our non-branded Fiats :raised_hands:

While we roll-out this initial testing phase, these cars will only be available in London & some surrounding areas, and there’s only a limited amount available in January - so act quickly! This car also requires a minimum subscription term of two consecutive months.

Want to learn more and see if you’re eligible? Just click here


Would be even better if we could get our referral code put on it aswell telling people they get a sign up bonus


Just booked one! How do I go about using my loyalty points to cover the swap fee? I’ve never used them and have been at the maximum yearly allocation for some time!


Good question! I assume you can do this in the app these days.
Did you book via the app or the website?
Can’t see an exact how to do this on the website either.

Edit… just found it….

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To redeem your points for a car swap or damage excess reduction, please email us at [email protected]


I really, really want a 500e and would happily take a branded one. However, with a car sick 4 year old child, a 3-door would be a nightmare for us. Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts on the car that are moving into it.

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You have to email separately.

Or, I think use Online Chat…

…I would point out that I tried to do this time around and it ended up it NOT being applied for me this time around (but no hardship because I want extra miles) so make sure you keep on top of Onto!!!

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Just emailed so I’ll see how things progress.


Sorry - finally got my edits right. Not drunk, just too much coffee.

Be looking forward to seeing you turn up in that to the next event!! :+1::+1::+1: Good choice!!!


Pity they don’t do the 3+1 door version in this country. They decided not to do a RHD version with the extra door on the passenger side. If they’d just used the European bodyshell, it potentially would have been a suicide door with it opening out on to the offside.


Been thinking about this a bit since I read it last night and the conclusion I keep coming back too, is that a £50 reduction in monthlies just isn’t enough for the sheer amount of exposure this level of Branding will provide.

This isn’t just a Onto badge on the back, it’s a full on livery, which you cannot miss.

Anyone else feel this way or am I just being grumpy?


It’s a trial, so hopefully everyone will be grumpy like you and they’ll increase the reduction to £100 a month :wink:


I’m tempted to suggest …. “A little teensie-weensie bit grumpy”

£50 not to be sniffed at, and you’re getting a good value for an all-inclusive package….

But YES - Onto getting damn cheap advertising…

Although, as I’ve just commented elsewhere, once you are inside and driving you won’t see all that delicious gaudiness…. :joy:


Exactly. When onto got the car and I was researching it, a lot of Google images showed the suicide door version and I was sold.

Emailed in to get clarification on the Onto spec and got no response so just assumed it was a 3 door.

Even worse that there’s no rear window to open for the little one.

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I just did this and if youbget on the chat what they do is you book the swap on the app and then they apply the discount once you have signed tye contract and you won’t get billed for the swap

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Listen. I don’t want to come across as ungrateful. Even if that ship has already sailed. Everything in this world is going up and up in value, so a reduction is a reduction.

But when you think of the number of eyes that will lay on this branding, £50 for that level of marketing is an absolute steal.

How much would it cost to throw that advert on a bus, or a taxi, I don’t have the numbers but it won’t be £50. (Yes, I know not a direct comparison due to level of exposure but still).

Very cool idea and I’m fully on board with it, especially if it’s a trial to see if that marketing style has an effect on sub count. If it was to be rolled out further, which in turn would increase the marketing exposure, I would expect to see the discount increase.

I’m trying to think about it a different way and not so much as a £50 reduction, more in that Onto are paying you £50 a month to advertise for them.


Would they add an extra £10 a month if you also drive with a permanent smile on your face?

Of course, you may do this already from your natural state and / or the simple joy of London traffic?!


Just looked on the website and these branded 500s are advertised at £399 a month. Is this an error or has the price dropped?

The standard 500 is £529 a month, so the branded one is £130 a month cheaper rather than £50.

I’m sure pre price increase they were £489 and then you get £50 off bringing that to £439 which is what I expected to pay (grandfathered rate).

@Amy_at_Onto can you clarify this please.


This is on the home page

@Amy_at_Onto you may want to fix the link in that image it points here https://https//

which is a bit wrong :rofl:

I can’t open that page you linked to.

Edit: Which was probably your point :man_facepalming:

This is the real link… when I edited it from the wrong link

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