Late PCN - charged £195?!?


just received an email this morning from fines management where they say they are paying a £195 PCN for me as they haven’t been able to transfer the fine to me. Offence took place on 24 Feb. This is the first time I see this PCN as I haven’t received anything about it beforehand.

Got in touch with the customer service which told me I shouldn’t be charged for that as the period to pay a reduced fee starts from where I receive the ticket. Also, the council told me that they haven’t received any third party authorisation to allow them to send me a ticket.

I replied to the email (with the advice of customer care) saying that they shouldn’t be paying this £195 and charging it back to my account but instead they should transfer the PCN to me so I can pay it directly to the council within the agreed timeframe (I’m planning to pay within the 14 days).

Anybody has had a similar experience and/or has any advice?


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Hi @manub - in this situation, it’s best to email our PCN Team directly. If they’ve not been able to transfer liability , depending on the reason, you may or may not be liable for the full amount.

Of course this depends on the reason we were unable to transfer liability.

Let me know how the PCN Team respond to you. If we’re paying the full amount due to an Onto delay or error, we should only charge you the lower PCN rate, but it’s best to wait for the PCN Team to confirm this for you.

Thanks - Raheel :slight_smile:

Again, assuming the subscriber is guilty and denying them the option to appeal.

The whole PCN policy stinks, I have no idea why they are delayed so much that the liability can’t be transferred, but if I were issued a PCN in error and you decided to pay it when it wasn’t my fault… I wouldn’t be too happy with being asked to pay up!

I’ve had quite a few ‘double dip ANPR PCNs’, which is obviously not my fault, but if I were denied the option to appeal, I’d politely decline the option to pay.

I can’t find a more up to date figure, but this is from 2020


Thank you Raheel. I emailed the PCN team, waiting to hear back from them.

@Kev: unfortunately I guess I’m guilty. Stopped on a junction box by mistake :frowning:


There are a few of them that win, if you get the PCN transferred, head over to Pepipoo Forums and get their opinion, sometimes the box is non compliant, someone cut you up, you were only just in the box (de minimis) or the PCN may be worded in a way that makes it invalid.

Just because they sent a ticket, don’t assume you’re liable for it.

My rant was mainly aimed at Private PCNs, but equally, council ones do have a high win rate at appeal or adjudication levels.

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Currently facing a court order for recovery of an unpaid penalty charge at £204.

It’s a long story and i will be posting it (and one other which i think is much a more serious one in terms of the potential consequences for Onto) in full detail here soon unless of course, the Onto CEO can take responsibility, address the apparent and widespread incompetence in the company. The CEO is seemingly presiding over what appears to be complete and utter chaos behind the scenes from my point of view and from the information that I have found out about this company recently.

I will be contacting (and this is not an exhaustive list), trading standards, BVRLA, FCA, FSA, Onto’s investors directly (that have financial charges on the company) and so on.

If my efforts are not enough to get Onto to listen, to deal with my complaints and resolve the issues properly and fairly then it may have to be legal action unfortunately.

Let’s see how their “reaching out” to me is this time, once they have my second complaint.

Hopefully they will see that it’s in their best interests for a swift and amicable closure to what I will be bringing to their attention.

So, I digress, back to the PCN,

The very short version of this is already on Trustpilot (which I would recommend everyone to use for Onto complaints) so that all of the public can be aware and not just the Onto community.

The short version to date is,

I received notification of a PCN notice in February from Onto, the PCN was from the previous November and was sent to Onto (as the owner of the vehicle) by the local authority.

Onto sat on it for nearly 3 months.

This lost me the option to pay the parking ticket at the reduced fee of £65 which I was willing to do.

Onto promised to pay the difference of the £65 as they admitted that they had failed to transfer the liability with the local council in time into the drivers name and that they would deal with it all and just take the £65 on the next months subscription.

So, all good, very reasonable, very honourable, a decent service offering from Onto by all accounts and also the right thing to do.



Six months later despite an adequate amount of “reaching out” and “getting in touch”.

I have broken promises (in writing) and a court order for 07/06/2022.

On another issue that I had raised previously, I had a very dismissive, flippant and arrogant attitude from, let’s say a short email from the Onto CEO.

We will now see what this CEO is made of and whether he is fit to run a company or whether he is just in it for the money.

EV is the new .Com right?

I have nothing against someone cashing in on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the move to digital with an entrepreneurial and innovative business model that fits into the global great reset plan. (Whether it succeeds or otherwise.)

I would say good luck to them and I hope that they do very well providing that they treat people well in the process.

What I do have a problem with is rudeness, bad customer service, bad policy, poor procedures, incompetence and most of all arrogance.

The customer is always right and this will still apply even if we end up being controlled by social credit systems.

Onto are going to learn this the hard way if they don’t pay attention and start making an effort very quickly.

Customer service is in the end the only thing that will set one EV company apart from another.

We have already seen Onto hike prices and reduce mileage, the service they offer is shrinking and their competitive edge is falling away quickly.

Their USP’s one of which (free electric) has been badly damaged by the recent energy price rises (so they have hidden the costs elsewhere), will not be enough to keep Onto a “sustainable EV car subscription business”. (If indeed they even are.)

I hope that I will be posting again to sing Onto’s praises and not a further complaint.

Good luck with your PCN I hope it is resolved.


This is horrible @DaronJam I hope it gets solved quickly.

@Raheel_at_Onto the team responded telling me that I will be charged only £65. However I haven’t received any charge yet not have received proof of the PCN dealt with. Of course, reading the previous message I’m getting concerned now.

I would need somebody getting back to me ASAP on the matter.

Thank you


Why not reach out to customer services, as Raheel is on leave till the middle of next week…


TrustPilot where people go to whinge and whine and I trust it about as much as I trust a door to doors salesman, and its like forums, most people just come here to whinge and it makes up I would imagine less than 1% of OntO’s customer base…

I agree that Customer Service is the first and last impression a customer gets of a company.

I will tag @Adam_at_Onto to see if he can help,


Flagging for Raheel.

In my absence - we’ll have @Hena_at_Onto and @matt_at_Onto around.

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Thanks @mozzauk - I did respond to Customer Service too :slight_smile:

@DaronJam Thanks for flagging and I agree that this is wrong and we will fix. @Dan_at_Onto can you take a look and reach out to Daron to resolve today.

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There is only so much “reaching out, “getting in touch” & the posting of scripted public facing responses with catchy words to appease the customer base and effect cheap PR damage control that someone can bear without an action actually being taken.

This one and the next one are going to the CEO.

Onto have to learn.

I will be “reaching out” to Onto shortly.

@DaronJam @Dan_at_Onto will contact you.

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May I ask, is this a council PCN or a Private Parking Company?

I can only speak from my own express regarding the pcn I received in February 6th when I broke down outside tesco express (Euro park I think runs the parking). Despite paying with the app (which unfortunately still had my old rental car number plate registered) and Despite appealing twice with evidence of the additional 3.70 paid to cover the excess time…i still received a final demand the other week so had to fork out 100 pounds…sorry I digress. From Onto’s perspective I received an email from them in March which contained the original fine…they then transferred the ownership to me and I received the fine again from Euro Park and the date from which I could pay the reduced rate started again. Having not heard anything at all from Euro Park since I appealed I assumed it was sorted…how wrong I was. Anyway all I cam say is that the pcn process from onto worked for me


@Raheel_at_Onto I did try again to contact Notifications customer service, but they just ignored my email written more than a week ago. That’s not the customer service quality I would expect - any chance you can get somebody to reply to me?

Hi @manub - I’ve finished for today but will raise this to our Notifications Team now :slight_smile: