Late delivery

I was so looking forward to a slick service as people have given this great reviews, but alas it doesn’t seem to be the case for me.
Car should be with me in 30 mins. The app just updated and it shows the car unlocked still at the depot with 13% charge and at least 1 hour 30 mins away assuming no traffic.
No updates to warn me of late delivery.
I’ve stayed in especially to receive the car as I’m sure most people do.
I need the car to go out this evening and I need the car to commute tomorrow.

Is this normal?

Normal? No. But it does happen to a few people at the moment due to issues you might have seen mentioned on other forum threads here recently.

Give them a call now, pressing the button to say you’re a new customer. Ask them to chase it up with their logistics partners. If its this close to 5pm and its not even moved yet I would have fears that you may be one of these victims of last minute cancellations and it might not have a delivery driver assigned to it at all.

It’s worth noting that the app doesn’t actually update until you download your digital key so the location information could potentially be wrong. But it’s not advisable to download your key until it’s delivered and outside your home since doing this beforehand will start your booking and the delivery mileage can be deducted from your personal allowance.


Thanks. Will give them a call now.

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Further to what @Koda said, take a look at this thread if you haven’t already.


Ok. So not looking good for me.

Car hasn’t left the depot which is an hour and a half away from me. It’s still showing 13% charge which means it doesn’t even have the charge to get to me.

I guess reality is that this car won’t be delivered today. Why could I not have been told this this morning so I didn’t waste a day off at home waiting for this car?
Furthermore, I sold my car this morning expecting my electric car. So I am stranded and can’t commute tomorrow.

This isn’t the start I was hoping for in my electric journey.

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So I’m going to have to hire a car at short notice. £89 per day. Now I’m really not happy.

I have to say this is a recurring theme for new subscribers.
Selling their one and only transport in the full belief that a subscription car will turn up without any issue.

I think the original early subscribers (in the first few years) probably all had less faith in the transition to an EV and kept other means of transport till they had sounded out the reality of using an EV.

The reality is that ONTO and the delivery partner would not have known it would not be delivered this morning.
All manner of issues can affect the daily delivery/collection schedules and some items can remain fluid during any day. I doubt the delivery party knew it was going to a a failed job until very late in the day.
The really sad part of this is the comms back to the expectant subscriber just doesn’t seem to be happening. A series of phone calls back up the line is not rocket science. Do wish we could see some improvement on forum posts from subscribers not being left in the dark.

I also think we need a thread (and some ONTO web or email booking advice) that whilst every effort is made to fulfil delivery expectations, things can and do fail for a small minority. In the knowledge that humans are never perfect, it is wise to keep your current transport means until such time as you have the subscription vehicle. @Carol. Maybe the above points might set expectations better for new subscribers.


Ironically, the delivery issues have only recently started. I looked at reviews and community posts to see how people are getting on and all seemed fine.

My problem is, I contacted via text and was told everything is fine and that was at 15:30.
When I said the car still hasn’t moved I was fobbed off with if they are using the key then it won’t update.

I need the car charged and ready to go. I have things to do.
I keep calling and have been promised a call back several times and I haven’t got one yet. It’s me that has to chase. They can’t seem to get hold of their own logistics department to tell them what is going on.

Result is a very unhappy customer.

If I don’t hear from them in 10 minutes confirming that a car is still on its way (any car at this point), I will use zip car and hire a car for £89 per day plus £15 congestion charge per day. I will make sure that it’s not me paying it.

App just updated. Car is still at depot sitting on 13% charge. So not even bothered charging it to deliver it to me. No chance I’m getting a car today.

I’m so anxious now having to sort out a car hire.

Just to update.

Car confirmed not arriving today.
I’ve hired a car on short notice so it’s a zip car and they have agreed to pay for it as they should.

No new delivery time yet, but indicated 1-2 days.
I hope they pull their socks up and sort this out.

Their costs are going to be around £100 per day until the car gets delivered so I guess it’s in their interest to deliver ASAP.

Such a shame we started off this way as now I can’t in good conscious recommend them.

@Joe_at_Onto was saying a couple of days ago that all affected movements should be cleared by the end of today so hopefully going forward this will not be an issue anymore.

I’ve done the same and sold my car, my delivery is booked for next Monday. I’m getting worried now it won’t be here. :frowning:

It’s good they’ve agreed to cover the cost!

I would be concerned too. I would suggest a back up plan.
Don’t get me wrong. The staff were really friendly, but seemed to me like they couldn’t do much. I would have expected a manager to call me back, but that never happened.

Have you had any update ? Mine isn’t coming today either

Sorry for late reply. I couldn’t reply as I had reached my maximum posts for a new user.

Mine arrived at 9am this morning. Driver called at 7am to say he is on his way.

Just returned my hire car and took it for a spin.
Lovely little car the Zoe. Should be fine.
Didn’t get the key as promised though.

Also the granny charger that I will have to use at home. Is it water proof? Worried about rain hitting the main control unit. I have an outdoor plug I am using so none of it will be protected from rain.


I’ve always been worried about that myself. You could get a waterproof cable box to make the connection in. I decided to just pull up close to the garage and have the cable going under the garage door.

have my e208 gt coming tomorrow after my last one was cancelled a week ago

fingers crossed my fate is different this time round, my first onto car!

its been a trying time for all especially our customer and we thank all for the support and understanding, the teams are working hard and all the feedback here will be reviewed once we can get the fire dampened down



Yeah gathered as much. Since then things have been better. You got the key sent out to me and it’s so much better having a key. Several times I had to log out and back in just to unlock the car.

Love the Zoe though. Great little car with a range that far exceeds its size.