Late Delivery caused an increased fee - Why?


My car was supposed to be delivered on the 11th of January 2022.
With a very short notice and with no reasons given I was informed that the delivery date was delayed by 1 week and it’s currently scheduled to be on the 18th.

However they also asked me to sign a new hire agreement which has doubled the fees for the delivery and return.

So because of an issue caused by Onto I now need to wait for an extra week and on top of it I have to pay double the fees.

I have tried to contact the customer care and I received a lot of contradicting information.
In my first call they said they would have amended the contract.
Two days after (i.e. today) they said that I need to pay the extra fees.

I have to say that I am very disappointed about the poor customer experience and since I have not signed the new hire agreement Onto might even lose a new customer as I’m considering to switch to another company.


The delivery/collection fee increased for any bookings made after 1st January to £100 each way. So this is where that charge comes from.

That said, they have a p̶o̶l̶i̶c̶y̶ goodwill gesture that if they/logistics have to cancel/delay your delivery then you don’t pay for the Delivery. Definitely worth emailing/calling and mentioning this. You should get the delivery for free (or at least credited back to you).

Failing that, tagging @Raheel_at_Onto


Hi @SergioT - I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a delivery delay and I would just like to clarify that this isn’t because of an issue caused by Onto - as you have stated above.

We use third party logistics partners for all our vehicle movements (collections, deliveries & swaps) and rely on those third parties to make us aware of any delays with their daily schedule or drivers. IF & AS SOON as we are made aware of a delay or change in circumstances - we ALWAYS get in touch with our customers, as soon as possible, to rely this information - on some occasions this may be at very short notice - as that is when we have been informed.

We aren’t able to predict or foresee any delays which may occur - although if we were able to, I am sure we would always be able to mitigate any delays.

In regards to the fee - you are not having to pay any additional fees - our delivery and collection fee’s were increased from 01 January 2022 - for any deliveries and collections (but not for swaps, these remain at £49.50 still)

We’re not asking you to pay any additional fee for a delay in delivery.

Furthermore, to back up what @seabass has mentioned - whilst it’s not a policy to do so, we always try to set things right & if a delivery has been delayed and will not be arriving on the specified day - we usually offer a refund or credit for the delivery fee regardless of price.

I am unable to access your details without more information from you - however if you have made a booking for a delivery or collection anytime after 00:01 on 01 January 2022, you will be subject to the increased costs of £99.00 for each. If the new hire agreement is a result of a delivery delay, then you would not be subject to the increased fees - however, once again as I don’t have direct access to your account, this is general information, not account specific.

We aren’t able to amend a contract - as this is a legally binding document which we would never tamper with.

Please DM me your details & I’ll request for our Customer Service Team to review your account further.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Raheel,

Thanks for coming back to me.

I will DM you but let’s make a clarification to be visible to everyone as what you have stated is not completely correct.

I made a booking on the 15th of December and I have signed a hire agreement.
The signed hire agreement stated that the delivery date was on the 11th of January, so well past the 1st of January 2022 and it also stated that the delivery and return fees were £49.5 so there are no interpretations I’m afraid as the fees were clearly specified in the hire agreement.

If the delivery would have occurred on the 11th of January as per original plan I would have paid exactly £49.5 for the delivery and £49.5 for the return fee.

Fees have increased for new hire agreements signed after the 1st of January only because of the Onto delays (it doesn’t really matter if the delay was caused by a third company Onto uses, from a customer perspective this should be irrelevant).

Please also note that the customer care representative I spoke last Monday agreed with me and confirmed Onto would have amended the hire agreement fee in this case as it makes sense to do so.
Only today I spoke with another customer care representative which gave me a different answer from what I was told on Monday, so very confusing to say the least.

So again, I’d like to know why I need to pay more money for a reason coming from Onto.

Kind regards

@SergioT - You made your booking before 01 January 2022 - as stated 15 December 2021. The fee’s have gone up for any bookings made on or after 01 January 2022.

As I stated earlier - I have not had any sight of your account or hire agreement - and was providing general details.

I cannot answer your account specific questions without insight on your account - BUT you would not be liable to pay increased fees unless YOU cancelled the booking to make a new one. If it’s a result of Onto or our partners, that is a different story.

Please DM me to sort this out

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Hi Raheel,

Indeed I did not cancel the booking and the delay was caused by Onto or one of your partner but still the contract was updated with new fees applied.

I tried to direct message you but the system said I’m not allowed to DM you as per attached screenshot.

I already made a case number which is 72F0 so you should be able to find my contact details.
Alternatively please DM contact me so that I can reply providing you with my account details.

Kind regards