Kona - things that annoy you and things you love

Inspired by Things that annoy you on the ID.3

Thought it could be useful to have a single place for people to note what annoyances they have found on the Kona, and air their grievances!

…and also little things people love about it

In no particular order:


  1. Reversing beeper
  2. Loud pedestrian EV sound
  3. Heated seat and other buttons positioned by hip
  4. Left side of screen too far to comfortably reach
  5. Could not find comfortable seat position
  6. Door arm rest too hard and uncomfortable
  7. Jerky, grabby brakes
  8. Poor cruise control system - not smooth when activating
  9. Tiny rear footwells
  10. Indicator sound too low

(I could probably add at least another 10, but will leave it here…!)


  1. Efficiency
  2. Range
  3. Ventilated seats
  4. HUD with blind spot monitor indicator

ETA - updated the thread to also cover little things people love - to make it more balanced and useful


When I’ve got the speed limiter set at 30MPH, it sometimes creeps up to 32MPH and then starts bleeping at me for going overspeed.

Agree with all of these, particularly sounding like a bin lorry when reversing… but I do love my Kona despite its ‘quirks’