Kona/Ioniq Battery Recall

Don’t know if any of the ONTO Hyundai vehicles are affected by this. If so, it is recommended to not charge over 90% as a precaution until the battery is replaced. Information on how the recall will happen is given in this video. Seems to be pre March 2020 models. VINs are given in the video’s description.

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I think that on.to should be checking and recalling themselves from the customers if they are affected

Agreed, but the point, @E7EV is making above is…

It might be that none of ONTO vehicles are affected, but it might be wise to limit to 90% max charge until ONTO give the all clear.
Given the nature of this issue (potential battery fire) I think @Carol should follow up on this within ONTO and get a statement issued on the forum and directly to all Hyundai Kona/Ioniq subscribers one way or another.

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All, I have raised this internally but I assure you if we had any notification from Hyundai we would have taken immediate action to safeguard our customers. Once we have spoken with Hyundai and understand the situation with regards to our fleet then we will let you know, I am sure that the small % of these cars we have in the fleet will mean we are unlikely to have any affected vehicles, but we will check


We did share this information previously with customer in February this yeae.

There was a battery recall in Korea on certain VINs however after checking with Hyundai UK, none of the vehicles in the UK and of course on the Onto fleet where affected.

I hope this alleviates any worries for you all now


I think the worries eminate from this youtube video which is circulating on many EV forums and FB posts…

Hyundai/Kia and not known for their excellence in advising customers about recalls and updates and this video implies a range of affected UK VIN’s…
Nick has kindly posted the affected Ioniq VINs in his video information:
IONIQ EV PE (AEEV): From KMHC851JULU053116 To KMHC851JULU065256

93 Ioniqs are affected. I checked the VIN number on my lease Ioniq38. Yes it’s in the affected range…:cautious: They are asking owners to restrict charging to 90% SOC. So that’s about a 20 mile ‘loss of range’. Nick says they will be a giving out a Rapid charger card as an incentive, it’s for free public charging until the battery is replaced. Here’s hoping it works with Instavolt.

It might not be fully accurate, but having a list of valid serial number range, suggests a fair element of truth.
Might be worth chasing Hyundai UK again and seeing what they say today.

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All, we have talked with Hyundai UK and they confirm none of our vehicles are affected by this.

Our head of fleet has confirmed all Ioniq are start with the following VIN

KMHC851JULU0 7 xxxx




Excellent news for the ONTO fleet.
Glad that’s sorted for all the subscribers.