Kia ev6 stunning looking

Another stunning looking car coming to market …hopefully within price plan


Hyundai and Kia are doing some great EV’s and extending their lead in desirability too.
Priced from £40K should be on the ONTO fleet at a reasonable monthly.

New all-electric Kia EV6 revealed, priced from £40,895

Press release with full details here…

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There’s a also a video going around of it beating Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s in a drag race. The top spec does 0-60 in 3.5secs . Bottom spec more like 5-6, I think. Definitely a model 3 competitor.

EDIT - Actually just noticed that’s part of the video @Slimtrader10 linked to. At about the 12:30 mark

Looks awesome, and I am digging the KIA rebrand re-badge.

Can they will be getting this car soon ? If so bet its for drivers 30+ would have got a tesla I’m 27 so went with e208 gt for now

ONTO never confirm/deny what vehicles they intend to add to the fleet. They announce them when they have sealed the deal and will be available imminently.


Given there are a few Hyundai models in the fleet and no Kia at this stage (albeit same ultimate parent manufacturer) one might be able to assume the Ioniq 5 would be more likely than this model to appear.

(mind you I have no direct insight and am merely an unqualified armchair critic!)

It does look better than anything Kia have produced in an age, not sure how I feel about the new (giant) logo or the rear of it though, but certainly in darker colours looks pretty sharp.

I imagine some folk may scoff at the notion of a >£40k Kia – Hopefully the interior holds up to the styling of the exterior, in terms of materials and finish etc. Motoring is gonna get a whole lot more interesting over the next 5-10 years I think with competition from all sides and BEVs becoming more prolific.

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