Kia e-Niro

I know, they’re like gold dust. But great price/range though, right? But I feel companies like Evezy should be putting pressure on Kia to demonstrate demand so they’ll hopefully produce more.

Failing that the Hyundai Kona? Same thing really…


I noticed on another forum talk of some 350 Kona’s available in the UK at the moment. It would appear that the manufs have been holding back till this year to avoid massive fines. It would appear waitlists should be shorter, Evezy too, however there are many more people recognising the benefits to get an EV and incentives for company car drivers, there will be vastly bigger demand for all EV’s. Exciting year to come for sure.


I would swap to an e-niro in a heartbeat, hopefully Evezy can get some.


What are you in at the moment and what do you so like about the e-Niro?

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Currently in a BMW i3, The e Niro wins for me because it has plenty of space, that’s the main thing I’m after now. Unfortunately I have been on the wait list for a leaf and Ioniq since May and I don’t want to pay Tesla model 3 prices.


What do you think of the Peugeot e-2008 as an alternative? Would you get one if evezy offered this and not the e-Niro?

Cargo volume:

i3 260/1100 litres
e-Niro 451/1405 litres
e-2008 434/1467 litres

Think you might have a long wait for an e-Niro. Unless Evezy ordered a batch last year, it’s unlikely any will arrive this year. General consensus is about 9months wait for delivery if ordering recently.

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e-2008 434/1467 litres… I didn’t realise this was a thing.

My parents have a regular 2008 and that’s pretty nice.

I will take a look into it.



would love to see the e-2008 added to the range at ONTO, GT spec of course!