Key problems, onto lost key?

Ok my Flight Mode switches off Bluetooth as well so it must be a phone difference as app does not work if bluetoooth is off. :older_man:

You can switch airplane mode on, but then re-enable bluetooth, or WiFi individually on most devices. You’re right though, Bluetooth is essential for the app to communicate with the car.


Ok just tried that. You are correct. Nice to know thanks. :older_man:

Yeh I put it in flight mode so it connects to the car :see_no_evil: it won’t connect to the car sometimes when I’ve got WiFi or 4g signal.
It’s bonkers.

Out of interest what phone do you use?:older_man:

iPhone 11 Pro Max.
It’s fully up to date.

This is silly I have been on hold for 1hr 45mins now for them to unlock the car for me, customer service has been absolutely shocking so far every time I call get passed from pillar to post, nobody comunicates with eachother or yourself I have been told I will be called back 5 times today by 5pm because it’s an urgent case… Still waiting

Ok thanks. Also out of interest has it updated to the latest ios 14.5 . If it has were you having onto app problems before that or only after. Hope you don’t mind all the questions. :older_man:

I’ve heard of others leaving their ONTO vehicle and taking a cab. ONTO have then reimbursed the fare. Would probably be wise to get that authorised first.

I asked them about it earlier and said they wouldn’t because it’s a 100 pound return trip to work and back.

Told them I was on call and need to be at work in within half hour notice or I’m at risk of losing my job. Not interested.

Not entertaining the idea of a hire/courtesy car until mine is fixed.

Some of them think the car is in a dealer
Some of them think the AA is going to come
Others have no clue at all.
Yet still paying for a service that’s not being received.

Really don’t know what to do now


Think your only option is leave the car and get to work via whatever means and try and get that paid by ONTO later on in the assumption you stay with the subscription with them. Think you may be looking at another subscription provider like Elmo.

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I found Elmo really expensive, I enquired with them regarding the i3s.

In the majority of cases, Onto will work out the cheapest for short term subscriptions. There’s quite a few other names joining the market now too and if you specifically want an exact car that Onto don’t offer, or have an issue with using Onto for one reason or another you may consider jumping ship. But I don’t think anyone will be doing so for the purpose of saving money anytime soon!


But as per @Dannydunning he’s at risk of loosing his job, so the price can be a secondary factor. The cheapest is not always the right decision as many factors come into play. The sheer hassle factor he has endured is hardly likely to make him stick with ONTO.


That’s pretty poor form, when my old ZE40 broke down and they couldn’t get me a replacement car quickly, Onto reimbursed me the £30 each way Uber fare! A bit less than your £100 granted, but still not the best situation to put you in.

They have said this morning that they can’t give me a replacement vehicle because they have already asked Renault for a key card (5-7) days, so I asked what I’m supposed to do in the meantime to get to work the response was simply nothing we can do about it,

Wait, have Onto (possibly) misplaced your key so need to get a new one from Renault, yet won’t do anything about you not being able to get to work etc?

If so that’s really not on, I would complain until the cows come home if I was in that situation.

That is absolutely correct, I have spoken with so many people and I’m starting to lose my clam now,
But they just seem to not want to do anything just get passed from person to person every one is telling me something different

Suggest you call and ask to speak to @Carol and get a resolution sorted this morning. Escalate to @Rob_at_Onto also.


I am on chat with a nice person called George at the moment so hopefully we can get it sorted.