Key problems, onto lost key?

Has anyone had issues regarding getting a key, my app has stopped working. I contacted onto regarding the keys as I still haven’t received mine, guess it was lost as they said they would have to send the AA to make a new key card and they would call me back. I ended up calling me back today and have been told that the AA won’t attend and I will have to wait for them to send me an appointment for Renault dealer but they don’t know when that will be. Just wondering if anyone else has had something like this happen and not been informed at all about anything that’s going on???

My app stopped working today, I don’t know if it has something to do with the new iOS update but now It just says Bluetooth not in range on two different devices.

I haven’t got my key yet, I filled the form out minutes after it going live, my parents who have an Ioniq too filled the form out 24 hours later and have their key already.

I’m hoping to get a key soon as I’m getting frustrated with the app, having to wait 10 min to get my car unlocked via the phone and then 15 min to lock it again earlier was irritating.

I still think the app is the way forward long term, but for now I’d rather the key and use the app as an optional extra.


The message I keep getting is device is already connected to the car, I have deleted and re installed, no difference i have been through troubleshooting with onto and they say everything seems fine, just hope it’s resolved soon as, I haven’t had the best customer service from onto, I think they have a big breakdown in communication internally and with customers(from my experiences).

Regarding your key I was exactly the same I messaged straight away, so questioned it when I started having trouble with the app, to find out they don’t actually have the key, worth you asking next time you need your car unlocked

They said they would get back to me today / tomorrow about the key. But there was no tracking number so it hasn’t been sent yet.

Hopefully they get it to me soon.

Some people are getting their keys delivered without any warning or tracking numbers being supplied. Just because you haven’t heard anything yet doesn’t mean the postie couldn’t knock on your door any minute now with a key for you!

Postie was here a few minutes ago, I only got junk.

Here’s hoping they can expedite the key to me for tomorrow. ate very good and if its a problem there end I’m sure they will help if you need to do any journeys in the meantime just call them and explain

I have called them several times and just get told different things, got told the AA would come then got told that they are not coming, willy book with Renault and call me back within the hour, they don’t, they have been no help at all I am a patient person but just keep getting told different things by different customer service staff and all I want to do is get access to the car they provided every time I call to unlock via phone I get told to delete the app and do some troubleshooting, to no avail

Have you tried speaking to onto directly instead of Driverline? That’s option 2 when you call (for new customers). They are usually much better in helping you resolve problems.

Yes it’s very odd that most issues are resolved by Onto but thew only way to speak to them is pretend you’re a new customer to the automated phone system.

I called through the New customer option, they where more helpful however they still can’t seem to resolve the issue over the phone. They did say they have put me on an urgent priority list though as I now have no access to the car.

Still here waiting for the key…. Like some of you replied mins after the post went live……




How did you get my picture?:older_man:


Oh go on, I’ll join in (even though I’ve not ordered one as I got a keycard with the vehicle)


Thats remarkably accurate. :joy::rofl::older_man:


I filled in my form a couple of hours after it was sent still nothing, app is annoying since the iOS update luckily Hyundai have the BlueLink app so I just use that if needed. Spoke to someone about the keys yesterday and she just said they have been overwhelmed by the response.

App being super glitchy today.
Thought it was just me. Glad to see others having same issues.
Hopefully a key will resolve these issues

It may be nothing but I noticed in the first picture Flight Mode is on? I do know the app will not work with that on but in your next 2 pictures it shows you have a WiFi signal. Just a thought. :older_man:

The app does work in flight mode. Your digital key is downloaded and stored on the phone allowing it to work in places where you don’t have a signal for example. And it’s actually handy to enable this at certain times.

Last year there was a server outage that someone posted about. I popped my phone into airplane mode before opening the app and was still able to use the car while others who had a data connection when opening the app were locked out of the app and cars for a hour or two.

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