Key card requested after supercharging

my model 3 requests the key card after supercharging when ive sat in the car during the charge.

This requires me to lock, and then unlock the car via the evezy app whilst sat in the car - does anyone else suffer from this?

Was this scenario thought about when the app was tested to include driving, not just unlock?

Is there a solution to this?

Its a bit of a faff, and also makes others look at me funny, with the lights flashing and mirrors folding in and out each time.

Hi @mysterygti, I believe this happens because the car is off while you are charging, even if you are sitting inside. All you need to do is press unlock when you finish so the car turns on again. Let me know if this helps?

Do you mean unlock via the evezy app? thats what im doing now, and its a bit of a pain, especially when the app doesnt connect for 10/20 seconds?

Yeah you don’t need to lock and unlock - just press unlock while sat in the car.

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