Keeping the car during Lockdown

During the first lockdown and before I received my first Onto car. I remember reading tips on how to look after your ev car during lockdown.

I thought it I read it here on the forum. Does anyone have a link to where that thread is on the forum? I searched can’t seem to find it.

Check out the owners manual. Different cars have different advice for what to do if storing it. BMW For example I believe say to keep it plugged in and charged fully. With others it would be advisable to keep it around 50-60% for storage and turning it on every so often to keep the 12v battery charged.

If you are preparing to keep it during lockdown for long term storage though, is it not worth returning it and then getting it back after lockdown? It sounds like it won’t be getting used at all so I struggle to see much reason for keeping it at full price when you could have it collected for £50, and get another car delivered for just £50 when you are ready for a car once again.

Mines in full use and will be as I’m working flat out if anyone sends back an i3 they not using please let me know I want one!!

Thanks will open up the manual.
Of course would like the rental to be much cheaper whilst the mileage is negligible.

Probably the most expensive Lidl shopping trip or takeaway when you add in the monthly charge. The car is used for hospital/gp appointments (not using taxis or public transport). In the community there are lots of groups that need help. Those that can’t get to Lidl/specialist places etc I pick up their shopping. Food parcels, mental health packs with activities etc dropped off. The local community/voluntary groups trying to help out as best as we can, all within the guidelines. Many elderly could get out in the warmer lock down months to shop and now find it too cold/ too scared, we leave the pack by their door. There are more people now in need of help than in the first time round.

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There’s at least one available right now according to the booking system, but it depends where abouts you are in the country as to if you can have it or not. My NE postcode says no, but my old SW postcode down south says yes for example. Be sure to regularly check for availability.

There was one up here availabile just before Christmas too. So they do pop up quite regularly.

If you are still going out and using it for appointments, shopping and volunteering there shouldn’t be much need to do anything special to look after the car as long as it is getting somewhat regular use. It’s only when it’s weeks/months at a time parked up that you need to start worrying about that.

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If you can the best advice is to plug in the car and leave it plugged in all the time you are at home as this will maintain the 12v battery. If no home charger (or unable to connect at home flat etc.), then charge it up as often as you can, at least once a week, more often if possible,

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Thanks @burnt_crisps2 & @Koda I found the posting it was an Evezy/onto blog from April 2020. Does the difference in temperature change the advice too?

Colder temperatures mean it’s better to pre condition before any journey (clear screens and safer when frosty/icy) and if it’s plugged in will use the grid rather than the EV traction battery. It will also give you maximum range if that is needed too. But like all ICE cars mpg or EV m/kWh are lower in winter.
Also be aware that 100% charge means no regen, which is good because it will mean friction to clean up the disks, but also means no auto braking when you lift of the accelerator.

The good thing about EV’s is winter is less harsh for them than an ICE, as short cold runs are bad for the engine in an ICE, whereas an EV motor/drivetrain operates well regardless of temperature. It’s just the traction battery which performs less well in the cold.

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I should give back my BMW i3 really.
I’ve only done 9miles in this lockdown :see_no_evil: but… I’ve had it from brand new in June and I’m a bit attached to it.
We’ve been told our business can’t reopen until late March / Early April so I could save at least 4 payments.
I’d be gutted if i couldn’t get another i3 come April so I’ll keep hold of it.


I am still undecided on what to do. As ever with this whole pandemic thing, it would be so much easier if anyone had a clue on what the next few months might look like!

We mostly use the car for getting out of London at the weekend, which right now clearly isn’t an option. And while I can see this probably being the case until the end of Feb, come March time, I would like to hope that walks on the beach might be an option again.

I have 2500miles in the rollover bank, which I think I would just loose at the point where I no longer have any car?

And then as I am still on the original tariff, if I return the car and then get the same one back in 2 months time, then it will cost another £50 a month every month.

Think the decision has to come down to can you afford the costs for at least a couple of months. If yes then hold onto the car and just use it when possible. Pretty much everyone has done reduced mileage over the last year, we definitely have.

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@jackjury £289 a month is not a lot to pay if it stops you catching COVID 19 on a bus or train. Apparently not everyone wears a mask :scream:


You should hand it back so I can have it lol

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I think it would only be a month perhaps 2 that we would save on, especially as the contract runs up until the 28th Jan at the moment.

It is a bit tricky being caught in the original pricing. Don’t get me wrong, I am really grateful that Onto have honoured it for so long, but it does somewhat remove the element of flexibility.

Perhaps having a lockdown break would help soften the blow for when it becomes £50 more expensive!

Very true! Although as I am furloughed, and the wife works within walking distance, everything we need to ‘exist’ for the strictest is well within walking distance anyway!


That was my dilemma when I swapped from a ZE40 to a ZE50. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of trying some of the new cars on the fleet. I could always go back to TfL for a couple of months in the spring/summer and recoup some of what I’ve lost by leaving the legacy tariff. Although I would lose rollover miles, I would still be able to get referrals (although not much happening in that department at the moment!).

I did start a bit of a spreadsheet this morning, (benefits of furlough I guess!), and sort of concluded that it might be worth it if I hand it back at the end of the this month, and then managed with out a car until April.

I have had a cursory glance around, and it seems there still isn’t much more in the way of available EVs in the traditional car rental market. I am trying to just drive electric, so on the whole having an Onto subscription does still make a lot of sense, especially as we come into the spring.

I am sure I could find the answer if I wasn’t being lazy, but does handing you car back mean that all of your rollover mileage and now the new Onto rewards get wiped out completely? Even if you then resubscribe a few months later?

Car clubs maybe? That would keep you going with an EV in the time you don’t have an ONTO vehicle and need to get out and about.

You keep rollover miles for up to a year. You can use them again if you resubscribe to another car in the same tier. Leaving you account without a subscription for a few months won’t erase them.


Does anyone know of any car clubs that have EVs in London at the moment? I have a zipcar account, and they do have some e-golfs, but these are in their flex fleet, so not really meant (ie priced) for per day use.

Enterprise Car Club have just added loads of 40kWh LEAFs recently around south London. There’s also a small few ZE40 Zoes (Q90) hanging around to my knowledge. Last time I checked the Zoes were in Greenwich.

Use referral code 10114026 and promo code HM031 which should give you free registration plus £20 credit (sometimes double if they accept both promo and referral credits together - Depends who processes your application!)

(more on the way too I believe, though looks like the Zoes have been sent off for de-fleet)

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There’s also Hertz 24/7. They have a LEAF and i-MiEV at Imperial College London, and a LEAF and eNV200 at Greenwich IKEA. Depending on where abouts you are they may also be handy to have.

DriveNow, GoDrive and Co-Wheels have all pulled out of London unfortunately so Enterprise and Hertz are the only 2 remaining options off the top of my head.

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