Keeping it Korean

So I swapped from Ioniq to Kona (Ultimate)

Primary reason was purely for Mrs Beano to experience a more comfortable seating position.

Subsidiary reasons, but subject to inquiry about whether it’s worth the extra cost - will the house please just await the outcome of Sue Gray’s report?

  • range
  • charging speed
  • colour (anything but grey!)
  • fun and funky look (well, a bit)


It’s the same as the Ioniq. Yet much different. On the damp greasy roads at the moment I’ve even resorted to leaving it in Eco drive mode! :flushed:

And I found myself at a charger with no one else queuing so I broke my own “rule” and have charged it right up to see 260+ on the GOM

Overall, much more comfortable and loving the toys!


Surfy Blue. Still by far my favorite Kona color.

Make sure you both have winter mode enabled in the EV settings menu, as well as only trying to rapid charge when the battery only has some warmth in it already. While it can charge at up to 80kW it will struggle a bit with that during the cold season.

It has a lot of power. Even if you put your foot flat when moving at speed and want to overtake, if it’s not perfectly dry you’ll likely spin the wheels. You just need to get used to being light with your foot and it stops being an issue. As soon as you manage that you can take it out of eco mode and it will be a lot nicer to drive.

Enjoy the car. It costs a fair bit more than the Ioniq but it really is worth it imo.


Wise words, as always, from The Koda-meister!

Yes - that colour-way has even grown on me more over the last few days.

Looking forward to getting a good charge speed, and I will definitely revisit the Winter Mode in settings (I think it was on) - although I got some impression from elsewhere that it would only make a really significant difference once temps were down at -10º - was that incorrect?

As for the power (…and I’ve lived with two TVRs over the years, so there’s never “too much” power!) yes I am appreciating it being a step change from the Ioniq - and I was only commenting that (having kept Ioniq in “normal” 95%+ of the time I was driving it) for either “pootling” around town or “bimbling” around our local country lanes there’s “sufficient” in Eco mode…whilst, of course, having heating settings for full comfort.

I’ll switch it up, no doubt, with a mini-road-trip out and around East Anglia this weekend and I can really see how the economy is in full normal Beano-bashing driving mode…! :grin:

PS - the oddity is I have always pooh-poohed any idea of having an SUV of any type. Maybe I’ve finally matured enough, but it seems “just right” and in the Goldilocks zone…


This is the primary reason I swapped out of the Kona. Those EV/Eco tires on that car are borderline dangerous. They offer absolutely no grip in the dry; at even medium speeds the car was understeering and sliding all over. Bet it’s terrifying in the wet, so dread to think about ice.

It’s a fantastic car, but the tires keep me on the road. If it was my car, first thing I would be doing is throwing those tires in the bin.

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Super!! Kona Ultimate is the perfect upgrade from the ioniq. Yeah as everyone says the spinning up of the wheels happens almost at all speeds. The other day on the motorway the variable speed changed from 40 to 70 and the wheels spun up then too😅.

Range has reduced from 300 to about 260 for me too but it’s expected in colder weather and also the fact that I just came back from a big 1700 mile trip where I averaged 3.9 to 4 miles per kw.

Charging speeds are generally acceptable but to avoid spending lots of time on the charger bring the soc down to 20 or 25 % and then charge to 70 or 80%. After 80% its slows down quite a bit. I’d only go over if you have a long trip the next day.

That colour is really good tbh! I have the white one. Since you came from the ioniq, you know all the toys that you get with it.

Just one thing, when you do charge to high speeds, just see if you hear the fan go on quite crazy loud. Mine does that and when I went to hyundai they said it was normal. It really doesn’t sound normal in my opinion.


Haha! :rofl:

Luckily we’re all different - on a scale of “grip” to “riding a modded Ducati 750SS two-up in the snow and slush at the top of an Alpine pass” I’d say it was just mildly entertaining!!


I used to have an Ioniq Plug-in and found that the grip was transformed when I fitted All-Season tyres. Even in snow I could scarcely get a slip - either accelerating or braking. Consumption didn’t seem to be affected, and they did make for quieter running. Would it be worthwhile Onto fitting them to the wheel-spinning Hyundai models, I wonder?


Ive said this before in other posts, all manufs in the UK need to supply cars for this market fitted with all season tyres as they are the best compromise for our weather. Unfortunately Onto will only get whatever tyres are fitted by the manuf and very, very few offer any alternatives. Onto can certainly campaign for changes just like other orgs and individuals, but until then most cars come with ‘summer’ tyres which are useless for 9 months of the year at best.


When you’re sitting at 75-80kW it does run a fan at high power. You’ll hear it come on and then shut off every few minutes. Especially if you’re doing a long road trip and things are up to temperature. Nothing to worry about, and generally a lot quieter than other EVs that run cooling fans while charging. Unless the noise is very intrusive, making the fans run non-stop, or causing your charge speed to drop (suggesting something is overheating) then I wouldn’t worry.

It’s been a while since I looked at it myself. I think the -10 is a target for the battery to start heating while driving along to improve battery performance, but fairly sure having it enabled makes the battery heater kick in while charging at temperatures warmer than -10. Don’t quote me on that. I’ve not touched a facelift Kona EV Since September now so my memory of it is getting a little rusty.

It’s got SUV Looks but certainly isn’t a SUV. It always surprises people when they see them in person for the first time. They always expect it to be taller and just generally bigger from looking at photos. I’d probably call is a compact crossover.


Oh right, the noise seems quite loud honestly. The EV I had before this was the DS3 and that never made such a loud fan noise. I also noticed other EVs at charging stations and they barely make any noise which is why I have been concerned about it and even made an appointment with Hyundai service center to see if its something they can help with. I guess that’s just something the kona does. As long as its not something wrong with the car then I’m happy. Doesn’t bother me that much now.


Just think of it as a squished hatchback @K12Beano and you’ll be right :smiley:

It’s a far cry from the “yank tanks” or “toorak tractors” (sorry, I’m Australian :wink: ) that would earn it a proper SUV badge.

Hope you enjoy it and trust you’ll like all the toys it comes with – safe travels!


When I used to have an Ioniq it would get really loud when charging too. I’ve never experienced that in any other EV. Must be a Hyundai thing. I wonder if the Ioniq 5 does the same?

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Might be a Hyundai thing. I remember the first time we heard that it freaked both me and my wife out. We switched of the HVAC thinking that’s causing it. Just to realise that it was the battery fan. Only happens when the charge speed peaks to max 77kw.


Kona spins it’s wheels so much partly due to its poor traction control, surprised they haven’t improved that in the new model.

I think they are learning as the new Ionic 5 is rear wheel drive which is the only way for an EV given the sheer torque


or AWD (4x4) which is even better for all types of driving.


Ye cannae break the Laws of Physics, Cap’n…. :+1: