Karshare Integration

Saw on SpeakEV that Karshare and Elmo are doing a tie-up, so people can hire your car for a day when you don’t need it, and you make some money from it.

Works in a similar way to Onto (black box, everything done from a smartphone) and wondered how easy something like that would be to integrate in to the existing Onto system? It would save the expense of Karshare installing their technology (which is then passed on to the person lending their car out).

Just a thought!

There is a lot of different hardware and software out there for carshare technology, and not a lot is compatible with one another. Unless ONTO Are very lucky to have the exact same hardware as Karshare use, it would be a lot of work to even try to make it play nice with their systems, and replacing it wouldn’t really work either as then they have the exact same problem but in reverse, and have to make our apps work with Karshare’s hardware instead, since it’s not even like you could install both alongside each other either.

It’s a good idea in theory but I’m not sure it would be practical unless ONTO either move to a better hardware platform, or simply give subscribers keys. Both that dilemma, and the extra risk associated with others driving the cars are things they need to consider before this could become possible, and I’m not sure it’s really worth the trouble to be honest.

No way I’d share my car with anyone else don’t care what money I’d make

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