Just signed up, but…

Hi everyone,

I’ve just signed up for my first car (an e208!) which is due to be delivered on the 23rd December. I’ve had the below communication from Onto. Does this mean that the booking is definitely confirmed? Payment has gone out and agreement is on my account. What are the “final checks”?

Your Onto car is booked!

Hi Thomas,

Your e-208 GT is booked and we’re preparing it for delivery. We hope you’re excited to try out your new Onto car!

Final checks are carried out upon car booking, and if details are missing or not within our requirements, we’ll contact you in the next 2 working days.

It is I believe just doing some final checks with the insurers and making sure that everything is in order, and nothing jumps out to them…

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Great, thanks for the quick reply. I saw something about taking photos with a driving license. I did that when I signed up to the app, do I need to do this again?

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

You shouldn’t have to submit anything else.

If you do, then OntO will be intouch :slight_smile:

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No the physical ID /driving license are part of the initial checks, so it really is as easy as what you have done so far. It takes a few days for the checks to be done to ensure you are who you say you are. :+1:

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@Tomh1992 Don’t worry! These checks are just things such as making sure you’re eligible to be covered for our insurance and to make sure 25 year olds aren’t booking vehicles restricted to 30+

It also includes Pre delivery inspections, valets and turnaround on the vehicles so we can let our delivery partner know to start getting the vehicle ready for you and checking its in perfect order!

I hope you love your new car, I had an E-208 and they’re definitely one of the best for dipping your toe into the world of EV’s

let me know how you get on!



…and, in my opinion, keeping it there! :wink: