Just quick message on payments

I am new subscriber car due Wednesday I was wondering how the monthly payments work if I keep the car for long term do the monthly payments change every month? I really hope not as its just in my budget any information will be helpful guys

Your pricing won’t change. See my reply in the other thread, this was just an error for people on legacy cars and pricing. You’re a new member getting a new car, so your price is the one listed on your rental agreement. Unless you make changes to your booking, this number shouldn’t be changing for you from month to month.

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Your a diamond thanks for your help matey

Although there is nothing stopping OnTo hiking prices, I can’t see them doing it, but it’s a possibility on rolling monthly contracts.

Absolutely. Though we’re talking about brand new additions to the fleet at the moment. I see no reason why they would need to be tweaking those prices anytime soon, and considering there are still plenty of people on the old legacy prices right now I think they would be the first to be targeted, rather than new subscribers at the new higher pricing.

If they start messing with people’s prices and putting them up, Onto (hopefully) know that they are going to end up losing so many subscribers. Even with the bonus of flexibility, prices going much higher is going to send people elsewhere as it’s going to make other options like leasing a better deal for most.