Jaguar Free Month

I think ONTO should run a free month with the new Jaguar competition like they did previously with the Tesla, what do you all think ?



Can anyone under 25 drive the jaguar? :wink:

Hell yeah :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Although since I’ve been moaning about service, I expect I’d be at the bottom of the pile :frowning_face: :sob:


You can’t be at the bottom of a competition :rofl:

The best Christmas car photo?

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The bottom of the hat where random names are pulled from?

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It should go to the person who has posted the most on this forum. :wink:


Should we tag Carol and beg for this… or would that be pushing our luck? :rofl:

Tbf it is an epic car to drive. The week I had it from Jag I fell in love :joy::joy:


Second that. Loving the black cat I have.

One was waiting for the charger I was on, it sure looks stunning!

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