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Hello lovely people!
Does anyone know if we can use the Jaguar app with Onto’s I-PACE?
We can use BMW’s own app with my partner’s i3 (also from Onto) so I don’t think it would be a limitation from Onto…

No reason why not.
There are 2 versions available which have the same looking icon.
Newer one shown top left, older one bottom left.


Thank you!
I hope you’re right! :upside_down_face:
Hopefully, someone who already has the I-PACE can confirm soon

I Don’t actually think there’s anyone here who has one from Onto.
As far as I am aware though, anyone who has an Onto vehicle is welcome to make use of the mannufacturer’s apps with the only exception being Tesla due to the way that their accounts are configured. (And in that case, the Onto app is given additional functionality to provide access to these features)

The only potential issue I can think of is if you don’t get a brand new car but rather one that has already been out with another subscriber. I don’t know about the IPace specifically, but I believe generally the JLR Apps will only work when registered to one user account. If the last person didn’t de-register then you may have to ask Onto to contact Jaguar, or the previous user to get it reset for you.

As per @Koda, not seen anyone post on the ONTO forum that has an I-pace via them, probably because they are all business users and don’t frequent forums like this.
I have an I-pace via JLR Pivotal and use the Jag apps and there are also apps called Wattcat (android) and MyPace (iOS) which have some other features not found in the Jag app.

And as @Koda points out like all apps, the last subscriber needs to de register when returning the vehicle and also reset the car to remove all personal data on return.

I’ve used the bmw, peugeot and hyundai apps, so yes, no reason why Jaguar wouldn’t be the same.

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@ohit1 has not been able to get an I-Pace for a month this summer so seems they are in short supply. He has had to settle for an e-tron.

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Take a look at the booking system this morning.
EVERYTHING is in short supply! I’ve never seen it this bad before. And in terms of where I live it’s the usual Zoe or nothing too.

I can get both ZOE ZE50s, Jaguar and Audi for mid May delivery.

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Jaguar was not there when I booked online the other day.
I am going to email now to request to change the car.


I had to phone in to order mine as there were none on the website for my postcode. The lady I talked to on the phone was absolutely amazing.