Issues with the Model 3 App

I can no longer lock/unlock my Model 3 with the app on my iPhone. It still works using my iPad. Any suggestions to resolve this

Welcome @E7EV!

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried logging out of both, and then logging in just on your iPhone? The key can only be stored in one device at a time, so if your iPad key is active that can be the reason it is not working on your phone.

I’ve just passed it on to our customer service team so they will look into it as well. I have also asked them to give you a call to help you troubleshoot.


Thanks Lily. A call from George and the issue was resolved! The vehicle comms unit was rebooted and the app on my phone now works. I should have rang evezy straight away rather than getting distracted by other things! Thanks again to you and George.