Issues with return (now resolved :) )

Really enjoyed the experience while it lasted and gutted that my journey with Onto was short lived. So I’m one of the unhappy customers who is leaving, quite disappointingly as the price increase announcement hit me within days after joining. After speaking to the canned responses from the support team (as a result not actually dealing with my questions) I’ve resorted to getting rid and buying my own car again.

Now I’m trying to arrange a car return and I’m being redirected to a different domain… anyone else got this trouble?

Just want to arrange the return :frowning:

From the domain name looks like they are redirecting to a dev environment. Lol at the ingress rules allowing public traffic.

People at Onto, if you need engineering help to scale your operation to a professional setup, I am easily bribable with a good car :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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HI @tom1 , that is a strange one. We will investigate and get this resolved ASAP.

I’ll get CS to contact you to get sorted out.

If you work in a big enterprise, you see this all the time, and with A&B testing where devs are lazy…

To be honest most Dev’s are lazy, when it comes to testing… And i work in ops so have to pickup when they mess up :stuck_out_tongue:

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@tom1 Hi Tom Dan here

The page you are seeing is asking in case you require assistance with any of the areas listed in the event any of these are the reasons you’d like to leave Onto. if you press Continue at the bottom of the screen it should ask you for some details & allow you to arrange a car return.

My apologies for any confusion, I’ll feed this back internally as the last thing we want is to make the process confusing. As Adam mentioned, we’ll have someone call you to manually book this over the phone for you to ensure you have peace of mind.

hope this helps


@Dan_at_Onto the arrange car return button is linking to a page in your developer environment, so how can I return it unless I set up an account in your dev environment? The button doesn’t work!

(Looks like I know more than head office does at this point :grimacing:)

Hi @tom1

My apologies, we have just checked with our tech team and there was slight issue last night which has now been corrected. however I am still going to have someone call you so we can get this sorted for you today

Thank you for bringing this to our attention


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Can confirm. I often test in a live environment as too lazy to test on a test bench

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I work on both and can’t choose what worse between lazy developers or lazy operation people thinking they can code putting together dodgy scripts

@Dan_at_Onto @Adam_at_Onto nobody has called…

@tom1 My apologies for this, I’m chasing with the team now as to why the call hasn’t happened. In the meantime I’m going to DM you now and get this sorted for you

Big thanks to @Dan_at_Onto for a same day resolution. You don’t get that in many places these days!

It’s a shame that I was priced out due to the recent changes but all in all you can’t blame them really given the situation. I’m seeing some services and things I see out and about and thinking how much they will increase! The prices you are seeing with public charging too must add a significant challenge. Onto service has always been prompt and helped me on the journey to becoming an EV owner, something which I have always wanted to do since they have come on the UK roads.

Fingers crossed some time soon I win the lottery, so I can come back to Onto and lease a Tesla, not having to worry about the cost :smiley:


Thanks, had the same stock email just now as I did almost 2 months ago regarding the cleaning.

Doesn’t matter now as it is being returned back to you by the end of this month (just so you know I have vac’d it out, cleaned matts etc), except the customer services email was directing me to a “return vehicle’ link that doesn’t exist.

Overall the experience with the vehicle has been OK though.

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@avsin Thank you for flagging this. I will be sure to feed this back and look into this internally as this should be a smooth process.

on a final note I’d like to thank you on behalf of everyone at Onto for being a valued customer and member of the community. Please feel free to remain on here and stay up to date with everything Onto.

Thank you!


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