Issues with Onto's billing (AMEX)


Has anyone experienced any problems recently with Onto’s billing system & respective support in rectifying issues around this?

I was contacted a couple of days ago to say the pre-authorisation had failed & it was my responsibility to correct it. The app doesn’t support & the website was very buggy and took me ages and a browser-switch to get there.

After several back and forth’s, each time a strong verbatims; “You need to pay or we’ll take the car” and “We are unable to action this as this is an issue with your account, card limits or your bank”

and this was the VP of Customer Experience…

After 30 minutes on the phone, checking my accounts, changing browsers, it turned out, none of it was on my end at all. It is actually that Onto hadn’t set their Stripe account up properly & will be resolved in a couple of weeks. It happens… but it all felt rather poor in taste and unhuman.

Still love the business model at face value, but curious to know if other Onto customers have experienced scenarios like this & how they were resolved?


The emails could be a bit less harshly worded, I agree. I had to change my payment card recently and did get similar feelings from the communication.

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There are a lot of so called ‘customers’ who any business would rather not have as they are full on resource and financial drain.
Because of the few, the emails and business approach have to be less forgiving than real customers would appreciate.

In general Onto get it right and continue to evolve.
Nobody’s perfect though.


I 100% agree, especially for automated comms around financial recovery & that’s expected, urgency is critical for a biz.

My main feeling of discontent is around the human layer surrounding those automated comms - when a customer shouts “hey - I’m trying to pay, I understand the importance and something just isn’t right here.”


HI @j_arrad just a quick note to acknowledge that we started investigating this yesterday and we have an issue between Amex and our payment provider (Stripe) which we are investigating. We have created a work around for customers who are paying with Amex in the interim. We will keep you all informed. Thanks for flagging.