Issue with Mer charger

Hi all

I’ve had a rather confusing experience with a Mer charger recently.

I was in Winchester and saw a Mer 50kw charger on the shell recharge map, accessible with the shell recharge card.

When I went to try charging it said my shell card was not a supported payment method, and that I should try another one.

I tried calling Mer customer service, who said the charger was working fine, and that the shell card should be accepted. I tried ringing shell who said that yes, my shell card should be accepted by the Mer charger but that I should contact onto as they provided me with the card.

I then contacted onto support via online chat who also confirmed that I should be able to use the Mer charger with my shell card. They said my card had been activated and offered to send me a new card if it didn’t work on another charger. They also promised me that if I used an alternative payment method I could send the receipt to the support email and get refunded as this charging was included in my subscription.

So that’s what I’ve done, but email support is refusing to refund me, just saying that Mer is owned by Statkraft who are not an onto provider and therefore won’t refund me!

I’m confused about whether Mer is included with a shell card. I’m more confused by onto support providing conflicting information that’s left me out of pocket!

Has anyone else actually managed to use a Mer charger with their shell card, or knows why it doesn’t work?


I would say take a screenshot of the shell recharge app and show the the charge history. There is no way they can refuse payment to any providers on the shell app. If you have that as proof you will definitely get this refunded.

I think the CS who was dealing with your query misunderstood or just wasn’t aware. Worth checking with @Hena_at_Onto or @Adam_at_Onto to look into this further.


Have you tried starting the charge via the Shell app? If the card isn’t physically accepted on the charger itself then sometimes you can do it via the app.

Just remember you MUST remove the Shell card from your Recharge app before you swap or return your Onto car.

Mer/Hubsta is definitely a part of the Shell Recharge roaming agreement though. I’ve used them plenty of times before.

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Hey, I don’t have the shell app, I used a contactless card to pay for it.

Definitely one of the CS people is confused, just not sure which one.

Download the app and set up an account. Then link your shell card as payment method. Useful for lamppost chargers such as ubitricity which don’t have card readers.

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I’ve had the same issue on Mer rapids. Shell just doesn’t work. First started then stopped after 5 minutes, this charge didn’t show up in the Shell app either. trying to start remotely in the app resulted in a communication error. Their AC posts accepted the card through while the rapids would reject, all at the same location.

Guess it’s one provider to avoid in the future.

We have a bank of Mer near me (excitingly they are adding more stations) and will only accept a charge through the app not the card. Works brilliantly although only a 75 and very close to a Greggs which is dangerous… lol


Hey @GrumbleBunny hope you’re well! Looks like there was a bit of confusion with whether we’d cover Mer and I’m sorry for the trouble. I can confirm we can reimburse you for this (as it is covered under Shell), so I will get this sorted for you now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve used the Mer chargers in the Chesil Street car park (type 2 -max 22kWh) using the Shell card quite a few times. I’ve not tried it on a Mer rapid though.