Is there an issue with Onto's Website?

I cant seem to view any cars or search for any availability of the cars on the website

I have tried desktop and mobile and both have the same issue

Is there a problem with Onto’s website or am I a techno dumpty?

I’ve had the same problem this morning, so assume that there is something wrong their end.

I’m able to do it, maybe try a different browser and see if that’s maybe the issue?

@GaRic448 @EVG I just tested on my mobile and desktop browser with no issues. Can you advise what steps you are taking to search for cars and what browser you are using and we will take a look.

@Adam_at_Onto I searched again within an hour of posting above (without changing anything browser wise) and it was all working as it should again - so clearly a temporary problem. I have browsed a few times throughout the day with no problems. Thanks.


I wonder if the website has been updated in some way as it looks a little different to me than it did before. There was also briefly randomly the buttons for the mobile apps just lurking on the right hand side of the screen yesterday.

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All working again this morning

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thanks @EVG @Janso for confirming. I’ve flagged to our tech team to see if we pushed a change yesterday that might have impacted this functionality.