Is home charging worth getting?

Guys I’m looking on staying with onto for a few month possibly 2 years do you think it would be worth getting a home delivery charge fitted?

That depends on your needs. Are you well covered by Polar and/or CYC for charging in your area? And are you happy to charge while out and about? You can check this on Zap Map if you haven’t already. Remember that this is included for free with your subscription, but home charging would be at your expense.

You would also have to get a cheap off peak energy tariff to get cheap energy overnight, but this may make daytime energy more expensive. Especially if you work from home for example and are using electricity all day every day, and not driving that many miles, one of these tariffs may be worse.

ONTO Do provide a 3-Pin granny cable with your car. If you just want to charge on occasion at home, you can use this but it would be quite slow. You also want to be careful to make sure that your home electrical wiring is able to take the load without any issues, and extension cables are advised against. If you do need one, be sure to get one specifically designed for both outdoor use, and rated for the continuous flow of high current.

Finally, you can try contacting ONTO to ask about the grant. Some people said they managed to get this, others more recently have said no. But if you want to commit to keep the car for 6 months, you might be able to get a government grant to get a discounted home charging unit installed by the likes of Pod Point for example.

Ok thank you for your help how long do you get to keep a car for? Whats the maximum length? And when you have had it for so long and have to hand it back can you just change to another one? I really do want to satay with onto for atleast 2 years till I have saved for a car myself

IF you manage to get a custom contract from ONTO to qualify for the home charging grant, you will be tied in to keep your current car from them for a minimum of 6 months.

Otherwise your usual contract will apply. Keep for a minimum of one month and return it, or you can keep (or swap) the car and renew it each month for as long as you want, subject to age and mileage limits. You’ll not be allowed to keep a car that is more than 2 years or 24k miles I believe. At that point you would have to swap to another vehicle.


Thanks For This great info :heart_eyes:


Very old thread and there are later ones discussing this.
Also note that Onto have a deal with podpoint for a home charger installation…
Should it make sense to have one.