Irritated by the same question over and over

Hi folks,

Is there any reason why, every time I get into the car it keeps asking me the same question repeatedly? Am I happy with the country selection? Yes I am, so why ask me again. It’s driving me nuts.

Anyone experiencing this minor, but irritating issue?

Is that a Zoe?

Yeah, I get that too. I just completely ignore the screen and just drive. It goes away.

Yeah Zoe. I’ll do the same cheers :+1:

I must check, but I don’t think ours does that, but seem to remember it did repeatedly ask something when we got it last September. Did do some updates so maybe that killed the mesg.

Me too. I’ve only had my car a few weeks, I wasn’t getting that message at all until just over a week ago, now it’s every day, multiple times in every drive. Pretty annoying.