Ioniq regen

So I’ve got 1, 2 and 3 bars of regen.
With “AUTO” above that sometimes is illuminated/active.
What is this?


I hold the right paddle down and instead of just the “bar” indication of regen I get the word lev is this just for info/display purposes?

I don’t even know if this makes sense


I noticed that on AUTO the amount of regen gets determined by trip computer based on cars ahead and junction. I’ll have to read up more of the manual as I haven’t used it really, just like to keep it on 3 bars.
In settings on the touchscreen, you can preset the level of regen to the given drive mode. So I use as default Eco mode with 3 full bars everytime I start the car.

How do you set this on the touchscreen, I gave up trying to find the setting

On the Home screen, go to all menus > setup > vehicle and there you can change the drive mode. This is just from the manual I found online for the AV display, cause I forgot how I found it haha

I also just found out on the Ioniq, that if you hold the left paddle on the steering wheel whilst slowing down towards a junction or a car in front, you don’t need to press the brake pedal to come to a complete stop, which was something I missed from the BMW i3 (one pedal driving). It engages after you slow down to about 15mph which is when the regen braking stops reducing your speed.

Yeah I’ve been using it. Is actually “fun”

I’m not a driver; as in someone who goes for a drive.


Whilst I’m sure it’s just the novelty, I have been just having a drive.

I’m not sure about there “auto” above regen when you hold the right paddle.
I have eco pre set for gen 3 and the auto is there it seems to swap me from gen 3 at strange times round town. So I hold the right paddle for a few seconds and the auto indication disappears and is says lev 1/2/3 instead of just the gen bars.

Nothing in the manual. But it does mention one pedal driving.

Yeah just having a drive is when you get to find out how most things work.

I did find in the manual in chapter 5 page 20 that you can disable it completely, by being standstill with park engaged, and in the user settings menu on the dash display, go to convenience -> smart regeneration and deselect it.

I’m still not decided if I like it on or off, but majority of times I use cruise control and that takes care of acceleration, braking and coasting anyway.

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