Ioniq blue link

Hello everyone.
Newbie here.

Got an Ioniq getting dropped off on Tuesday.

Was wondering if and current Ioniq drivers could tell me if the into app will control features like pre heat the car etc. If not can we use the Hyundai blue link app along with the onto app? Into sent me here to check.

You will need to use the bluelink app to set heating schedules etc,the onto app is just the key

@Slimtrader10 cool. I wondered if you could have both apps in use or the car hardware would prevent it.
Great stuff

The only advice would be not to use the Hyundai Bluelink app to open or lock the doors. Only use ONTO’s app for that as it can cause potential conflicts. Otherwise you can use both apps together and do things like precondition your car.

Kona here, but yes the BlueLink app can be set up with the Onto cars.

In my experience though, it’s unfortunately very flaky and can’t really be relied upon. This morning, for example, I wanted to preheat the car (as it was 2°C out) but the app just wouldn’t connect to the car (or the car wouldn’t connect to the server) — so I ended up having to get into a very cold car and wait for the screen to defrost before setting off. Just a bit disappointing really, as one of the key perks of an EV is the cabin pre-conditioning, and from what I can tell others (not all) also find it very unreliable. Hopefully Hyundai are in the process of upgrading servers etc in preparation for the Ioniq 5 launch.

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Awe bless ya. I’ll have a play when the car gets here,

Yes I’m really hoping the Ioniq 5 is available in the future.

Are you possibly in an area where the reception is not as good? I use the blue link app regularly and not had it fail once so far. I used to have the same problem with the BMW app and the i3 a couple of years ago, but the Hyundai app has been extremely reliable for me so far.

Great news!

Took them a while!

(ETA not sure how I managed to edit this post with a comment from a totally different thread :upside_down_face:)

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Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far. It will probably fail next time now :wink:

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I’ve not had any conflicts with my Kona where I lock the doors with the Hyundai App

The Onto App will only work within Bluetooth range but the Hyundai App is excellent as if I have walked away and forgot to lock the car, I get a reminder from The Hyundai app and the signal is sent over the network from anywhere to lock the car

My BlueLink is doing my head in now and contributing quite a lot to my dislike of the Kona.

Didn’t work this morning when I wanted to preheat.

Did work at 2pm when I didn’t actually need it to work and was just seeing if it had decided to start working again.

Then didn’t work again this evening when I wanted to preheat again.

How hard is it to make this stuff reliable? How come Tesla seem to be able to make it just work?

Do you press the blue refresh button before you try to send a command? I watched a YouTube video about the ioniq and learnt this trick from that. I always open the app then refresh then preheat, has worked perfectly like that for me.

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Yeah do refresh every time first before trying any other command. If the refresh doesn’t work, then nothing else does.

Randomly it’s working again now…for now. So the last 4 attempts, with the car parked in exactly the same spot, have been fail, success, fail, success!

Somehow, intermittent faults are even more annoying than constant faults!

Very strange, the app always seems to work for me but is terribly slow and clunky, it’s a shame we can’t have the preheat on the feature button of the onto app. The only wierd thing my app did was tell me I had 0% battery the first morning I had the car, after a mini heart attack realised the app isn’t the best :rofl:

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Yeah there’re quite a few things in the app where you just think “why the hell did you do that!?”. I honestly don’t know what software designers are on sometimes.

I hoping a brand new app might be on the way sometime soon to coincide with the Ioniq 5. If they were sensible, they’d launch it now so that existing customers can help iron out issues and so that it’s flawless for when the i5 starts being delivered. In reality, I expect any new app will come out a week before, won’t have had any testing and will just be visually different but with the same underlying flaws.

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Not sure if this is still relevant but noticed some posts on other forums advising this…

I had exactly the same problem a couple of weeks ago. the Bluelink app said ‘no response from car’, having talked to Hyundai customer service who said take it to a dealer, I reset the entertainment head unit - push pin into pin hole bottom right of 10.25" screen and it has worked fine since.

My Bluelink won’t work at all as the person who had the car before me has not terminated their account, tried phoning Hyundai nothing they can do without a visit…

It’s strange to read this thread because I’ve never had a single issue with the app, always found it works instantly with any command, never have to refresh before asking a command or anything. In fact it was only the other day I was thinking to myself how much better and responsive the app was to the other EV’s I’d had ! Then I read this 🤷 but honestly no issues so far for me in any way, it just works and perfectly !


Thanks for this — I actually got around to trying this on Wednesday, and at first I thought it had worked, but any effect only seemed to last for under a day unfortunately. Then tried it again and the same thing. Maybe third time lucky for a lasting effect!

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Yeah often the way with software it seems - unless it’s something like their entire server going down for a while, which would affect everyone equally, software issues especially often just seem to be luck of the draw for whatever reason. Maybe it’s an authentication issue or something. I will get around to emailing their customer support this weekend and hopefully they can flick a switch at their end and magically fix it!