Ioniq availability

So I signed up last weekend, spoke to someone on the phone Monday who said ionics will become available in May, I then got an email saying they are currently Experiencing high demand but didn’t give me an idea of where I was in the queue. What do we reckon the chances are I will actually get one in May as it sounds like they are like gold dust compared to some other models.

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May sounds feasible as Hyundai and all other manufs are geared up to deliver vastly more EV’s this year than last otherwise they face massive fines. However since you have only just joined you are near the bottom of the waitlist so others will get cars before you, but then there maybe some returns which could move you up the list.

cheers for the info, that makes sense. Just annoying they didn’t give a queue position.

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I’m on the wait list for an Ioniq as well, I’ve been on the list since last October. I think there are quite a few ahead of me on that list as well.
So when they arrive in May? I guess there could be quite a bit of demand for them.

If you have been on the waitlist since October you should have had email from Evezy with your wait position and likely delivery. Hyundai will be delivering orders in the next few months so you should be earlier than May. Call Evezy if you didn’t get an email update.

I am waiting for an M3P. Ordered and deposit back in September and probably due end of Feb, but more likely early March.

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I have an Ioniq on factory order from another company for a long term lease. It was ordered in October, originally due to be delivered in January. Slowly the delivery has been pushed back to February, then March and now it is estimated to reach the dealership at the end of April, meaning I won’t get it until May.

There were some issues with the supply and orders were pushed back, then they had problems getting parts from China, due to coronavirus. In Feb I read on Autocar that the factories in South Korea had been closed down due to Coronavirus. And this morning I read that again factories had been closed down as a worker had tested positive for coronavirus.

My last lease ended in December so I currently have borrowed a car from my parents but it isn’t convenient for either of us, I joined Evezy in November to hopefully get a Zoe if there was any gap between my previous car (Mercedes C220 coupe) going back and my Ioniq arriving.

I am also on the Ioniq waiting list but the bit that is confusing me is that Every is still offering the older 28kw model not the current 38Kwh 2020 version. So if there is a long waiting list of customers waiting for their Ioniq where are Every getting all these old versions from, or are they gong to source the newer version and provide this to us?


At the moment all they potentially have to offer is any returned Ioniqs from the current fleet. These would all be the older version. If they manage to get any more, they would be the newer version. Whether they would be offered at the same price, I don’t know. The new Zoes are more than the previous version, for example. I remember when they were offering i3s with different battery sizes. There was a price difference of £10 or £20 per month.

Yes that would make sense.

Ioniq available in my area FK6, thought they retired them?? In polar White, wonder if it’s the one I had