[Ioniq] A few niggling issues

Went for a 300-400 mile drive yesterday and realised since getting my car I’ve built up a list of niggles. Some may be faults, some are complaints. I’ve also added a few that are vehicle agnostic but general EV peeves. Wanted to share in case anyone else has experienced the same.

  • My Ioniq occasionally makes creaking and cracking sounds. It’s done this since it was delivered and at first I thought maybe being a new car it’s just the plastics settling and with vibrations and such acting against the dash it may be normal. But even sat with the car off it will sometimes give loud cracking sounds from the dash?

  • Smart Recuperation Error. Sometimes when I start the car this message comes up, when it does, the Automatic regen does not work

  • 20-100% the battery drain is fairly linear. Below 20% the battery starts to drop much quicker despite the GOM showing 40 odd miles range left

  • Android Auto does not work properly. This may or may not be the car. My old car worked with my S21 Ultra fine, switched to this car and it is super laggy and sometimes completely unresponsive. However it may be my phone as my A5 works fine? But my current phone worked with my previous car and only has issues with this one. I’ve tried resetting my phone, the car etc and trying different cables

  • The Infinity sound system is very inconsistent. Radio, USB and YouTube Music on Android Auto sound great. Bluetooth, Amazon Music on Android Auto both sound terrible.

  • Rear reversing beep is super noisy. I pull up late and night and think “my neighbors must love me, 11pm and I’m super quiet” until I go to reverse into my space… It’s so noisy that my sister knows when we’ve arrived because she can hear us reverse from inside her house in a back bedroom

  • Dashboard lights flicker. Sometimes some of the displays on the dash will flicker. Normally the headlights, lane keeping, autohold will all flicker off and back on at the same time every few minutes.

  • The climate system only gets hot when set to 23oC or more. Otherwise the air comes out cold

  • An EV charging thing more than the car, this is just a rant. Using a charger that will not respond to button presses but is also in a location with no mobile signal to start it via the app. First world problem i know

I know some of the above are more rants than genuine issues but thought I’d share to see if anyone else has experienced the same

Edit: Just to say I do love the car, the above are all minor, nothing showstopping at all.

It’s a super comfortable car to do long miles in and despite having to do a bit of off-roading yesterday due to a tree partly blocking the road. Well, the car did fine despite getting a bit dirty:

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I get this when the charge in the car is over 97%

Android Auto is as buggy as hell at the moment, and doesnt always kick into life…

That could the phone, as with my Sony Xperia Pro-I and Motorola Razr 5G are both perfect sounds through Android Auto.

This is meant to be loud so the numpties who dont look cant claim they didn’t hear it if they walk into your car whilst you reverse…

I have this, and it annoys me, i think its the refresh rate on the display

Not noticed this as mine on 20 warms up quick, do you have driver only on at all

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The Smart Recuperation Error happens regardless of charge state but doesn’t happen all the time. I initially thought it was a temperature thing but happens even recently when mild.

I’m glad the flickering display is not just me. It’s annoying as I think something requires my attention like a warning symbol or something when I see a light flash

I’m due an upgrade in June on my phone so hopefully the S22 Ultra plays ball on Android Auto. I’ve heard some say the S21 has issues with wide-screen displays causing it to freeze but nothing official from Samsung or Google

I’ve never personally noticed this in any Hyundai car, Ioniq or otherwise.

Is the windscreen misted up by any chance when you see this? It relies on the camera and radar sensor. If the windscreen is clear It’s not unheard of for one of these two sensors to fail unfortunately. Hyundai and Kia have replaced a good number of cameras on their cars recently.

This is a sign of weak or unbalanced cells. Do you do much AC Charging all the way to 100%? This would help to try and balance them all, which is typically not done when DC Rapid charging.

Phone mirroring in general isn’t the most stable experience in the world. Certain phones and cars don’t get along while others will work fine, but even then it might just decide one day that it doesn’t want to work anymore. Hyundai’s Gen5w system seems especially bad at it for some reason.

It’s one of them sounds that’s supposed to be clear enough to hear while not being intrusive. I Know loads of people seem to hate it but honestly it doesn’t bother me at all, and I am happy to have it especially when in busier places and pedestrians aren’t paying attention.

I Haven’t seen this personally, but their software has lots of random bugs so it’s not surprising. In a Kona for example I have had the whole digital dash display freeze up while driving, then crash and go completely black. After a restart it came back on but displayed the ICE layout instead, giving my efficiency readout in MPG and with a rev counter rather than energy meter.

Make sure eco mode is disabled and climate control is in auto mode.
Do you use BlueLink to precondition? Especially if you used the old version of the app, there was an occasional glitch that would let you set a temperature outside of the allowed parameters of the climate control system. It would make the car’s thermostat lose calibration until you changed the temperature in the app again to a number within the usual range.

If your car is due a service soon it may be worth mentioning a number of these concerns when booking it in so they can allow extra time to take a look at them for you… Or if it’s not due a service then maybe try to get a swap, even if that is to another Ioniq. Try to mention it to Onto or the delivery driver on return too so they can check it out in detail if they deem it necessary before it goes out to another subscriber.


Appreciate they are just the minor inconveniences.

Apart from the reversing signal the only issue I noted in common from my time with the Ioniq was the temperature - after driving along, seemingly happily at temperature as set and once achieved… it would inexplicably start up a gentle blast of cooler air. If it was actually a design feature to ensure your head didn’t get too hot and thus get tired in the second hour of a drive, then it was pretty effective :man_shrugging:. But somehow I doubt that’s what the design team intended :joy:

But otherwise, I do remember fiddling with temperature setting and not getting any obvious heat. Certainly the Kona does not behave in the same way, so it’s not a Hyundai thing.


Ah @Koda I think you’re ONTO something their with the battery conditioning. I rarely AC charge at home as it eats into the ONTO savings. Even though when I got the car I said every few months I’d drain it to 10-15% then do a deep AC charge to 95-100% but I’ve never done that. Only done a few bits of AC charging and normally 50-80%

I’ll give that a go and see if the range becomes more consistent


My dashboard lights also flicker, it does get a bit annoying.

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Does yours not have a Vess button to the right of the steering wheel where you cans switch off that eerie low speed warning and reversing beep?
My Ioniq from onto had it but my new one hasn’t :open_mouth:

It was dropped in the 38kWh version

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My Onto Ioniq (21 reg) didn’t….

My 38kwh Ioniq I gave back a week ago had it Polar white 70 plate.
My new 71 plate hasn’t got it

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Must be specific year it was dropped then rather than generation. My bad guys sorry

Just one of these things :grinning:
The Ioniq should be available this week probably, 6400 miles, serviced last month reg EF70LLG, Polar White.

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I really wanted the Polar White, but my friends said it would look like a taxi. Also harder to keep clean

But it does look nice in White

There was a polar white at Sandtoft that became available on Tuesday evening. Depending on how quickly they are processing returns at the moment, it may have been that. In which case someone already booked it.

Thankfully…my Ioniq does not suffer from any of these faults. 16500 miles and booked in for it’s 1st service on 7th March.


It’s not only annoying, I’d argue it’s also illegal under the The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 (unless it’s been changed recently)


I think you need to keep reading, it’s allowed unless point b is an issue.

I didn’t realise the Ioniq/Kona was a goods vehicle, a bus, engineering plant or a works truck. My bad! :crazy_face:

This is the regulation from the UK Gov.

New noise systems to stop ‘silent’ electric cars and improve safety - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)