IONIQ 5 Premium 73kw subscription

Right now there’s one IONIQ 5 Premium 73kw Gravity Gold on subscription through Mocean :sunglasses:

I’ve been looking at that this morning. I was tempted but then the saving between what I’m paying now and what I’d pay for that would be wiped out by my use of public chargers.

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That’s nearly tempting… :thinking:

And it is a stunningly nice car to drive.

Having to tell myself I don’t need it, but couldn’t justify the outlay for 24 months.

Of course if Onto can manage one of these at the £699 (bearing in mind charging) price point…. Might be biting someone’s hand off for that! :hugs:

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This car is a great contender to fill the gap between £649 and £899 :sunglasses:

I suspect it would be nearer to £899 than £649.


Check this Fleet prices …

By the way … the new IONIQ 5 2023 (UK spec) will have a huge reduction of safety features! For example the HDA will be 1.5 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

£425 for delivery :dizzy_face:
£50 for first 50 mile then £1 a mile there after

@Jimmi1, did you check where the nearest collection point is to you? Obviously £425 for delivery is a madness :upside_down_face:

@Zak78 Yes they are all in London, I live in Stirling 426 mile away :grinning:

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A road trip in itself!

Would you like me to drive it up for you??? :upside_down_face:


@Jimmi1 … Well, this could be a great day out for you :grinning:

I believe the dealership in Bluewater is the closest one. So reserve the car and take the train! To be honest, this is how I bought my last ICE car. It took me 4h with the train :rofl: but I don’t regret it!

P.S. Sorry, but I had to Google your town :blush:. It looks like a very beautiful place to live :grinning:.

No probs, mind being ex railway and free travel could collect it myself


The only good thing is free charging in all ChargePlace Scotland chargers (for now) :grinning:


I can’t even get past the sign in screen, every time I try and “proceed” just asks me to sign in even when I am. :rofl:

Oh dear - the Universe must not want you to have it! :joy:

Perhaps that means you’ll find a better deal tomorrow? :thinking::upside_down_face:

You signed in with Google? Select car and colour then proceed, next stage is they will verify you by taking pics of you and licence, same as Onto.

That or I shouldn’t bother. :joy:

Aye, signed in with google, tried signing in with my Hyundai account or whatever they call it, just asks me to sign in no matter what I do.

@Janso check your browser … You must allow cookies :cookie: :yum:

I do, I’ve even tried another browser. :joy:

Must be a sign not to bother after all!