Invoice of 1000 excess insurance

So today out of total shock I received a email saying I need to pay 1000 insurance excess as on the 10th July I was involved in a accident total new to me as I was unaware I rang the driver line and was advised a third party said it was there fault and they hit the back of my car as I said its all new ro me and I’m unaware of anything that happened so I looked at yhe back of the car where they third party has said the paintwork is scratched etc but there is totally nothing there at all so I don’t know if they thought they hit me but my car is totally untouched at all so was advised to email the damages department at explain this I have asked of I don’t have to pay excess insurance as I just don’t have it available im hoping there is a way around this

Am a little confused by your post.

Are you saying you weren’t in the accident/they’ve got the wrong person?

Do you have any evidence that you weren’t in the accident on the alleged date/time?

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Sorry I never explained it properly well apparently a third party is saying they accidentally hit my car at the rear at a junction and scratched the bumper and rear tyre but I really did not know anything about this I was not aware so when I had the invoice today I went and looked at the back of my car and there’s nothing there at all but third paying saying its there fault

This has the ring of a scam.
Call onto in the morning and select new customer and get this flagged and resolved that way.

Were you driving at the time?

I’ve not been in a similar situation and can’t see what’s in it for the other party- unless they got your reg wrong and the insurer’s called the wrong driver- isn’t it extremely unusual not to get the other party’s details in a bingle at least?

Additionally though, and there was a thread about this a couple of months ago- you really need to be in a position to be able to pay the £1k excess if required (either through supplementary insurance or out of your own pocket, or with a credit card)- you never know what can happen and bad situations do arise.

But something doesn’t compute about this situation, if it is as you’ve said surely they can’t just demand payment unless they have evidence of an incident?

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Why would you have to pay out for something which didn’t happen. Do you have any proof of what you where doing at the said time of accident, ie working, shopping ?

Yes I was at my girlfriends at the time of the alleged incident but honestly it just amazes me as there’s no damage what so ever at the rear of my car

I have emailed damages and explained all this so hopefully they can sort something out

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Hi Michael,

Ben from the damages team here!

Thank you for raising this with us, we discussed this via phone and email today. I can confirm that this has now been resolved for you and the bill is no longer showing as outstanding on your account. If you have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me.


so you will waive his excess but will take my car back and demand mine even tho was same as his and other driver admitted fault and to fix tiny dent. Thanks guys appreciated :grinning:

I believe the difference is that Mikeybirmz case was one of mistaken identity. His car wasn’t actually in an accident. The other driver most likely reported the wrong license plate to their insurance.


You still with us @Kyle1994 ? :older_man:

Hi Kyle,

Whilst we cannot discuss details of another insurance claim with you, I can confirm the circumstances were not the same and as a result had a different outcome.


What so if someone else makes the mistake and makes a small mark in the car I’ve to pay out straight away 1k or you will take car back without letting me sort with other driver who offered to pay without going thru insurance mewing you would still have got the excess but from him and I could have kept on my subscription and not ended up in debt maybe offer an excess reduction might bring more business

i think its been said a 1000 times but to drive an onto car you have to have access to £1000 at all time so if you didnt have the £1000 then it must be down to you not onto…as its in there t&c ?


Do they say that on the Home Screen tho ? You need to have 1k to not be paranoid driving our cars ?

@Kyle1994 having a rant on the forum isn’t going to resolve this issue for you - probably best to get directly in touch with @Onto-Team customer service surely!

@Slimtrader10 agree 100%


If I had seen the 1k was charged even if damage was minor and offered to fix and pay for the other driver offered to pay the damage costs at there approved centre but they said no any other insurance would say yes just a money grab by there insurance partner

Anyways who honestly cares I’m with thrifty now they just added more Tesla’s cheaper than onto with 2500 miles per month win win

Do you still have an ONTO car @Kyle1994 or did you have to let it go back?