Invoice - Amount taken doesn’t match

Can someone look into my account please.

The invoiced amount does not match at all to what has been taken from my account! You’ve taken much more than the invoiced amount.
This isn’t acceptable.

I phoned twice today but after being on hold for over half an hour each time I gave up as had appointments.

@Pinky_Ponk individual account issues need to be raised directly with the team, have you emailed, called or chatted with us about this?

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As per post I phoned twice but hold times were far too long.

I phoned again today and got through much faster.
It appears as though you guys had forgotten to process my discounts in time for the payment coming out :-1:t3:

@Pinky_Ponk I am sorry to hear this, did we agree a way forward with you?

No. I’ve simply got to wait a whole month for you to sort it out on my next billing :-1:t3:

I can see it was a referral issue, I am sorry we could not resolve this any sooner, we are working hard to make things work better