Introduction - Hi I'm Adam, New Chief of Customer Experience at Onto

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. My name is Adam Koffler and I joined Onto on the 4th January 2022 as Chief of Customer Experience.

So who am I? I’m married, have 2 lovely daughters (grown up) and 3 dogs (cockapoos). I’m a complete newbie to EVs and got my first one (Audi E-tron) with Onto in December 2021. I have no doubt I’ll be asking for your help on how to do ‘x’ and ‘y’ over the next few months, it’s already been a ‘journey’ (I do have range anxiety, if you have any tips, I’m all ears).

Where did I come from? My background includes 30+ years experience working in Logistics, of which 26 years at FedEx where I’ve worked across a variety of roles including designing customer experiences and running contact centres across Europe, Middle East and Africa. After FedEx, I joined Amazon and spent 3 years living in Luxembourg as Director of Consumer Customer Service Support for Europe before taking on an even bigger challenge of Global CS support position, which I did for a further 3 years. My last position before I joined Onto was as VP Customer Experience at Bulb Energy (yes I am a Bulb customer and yes I’m testing their EV tariff and not related to Bulb, I had my Pod Point home charger installed today).

As you can imagine, I’m super excited about joining Onto as they continue to scale and revolutionise the way we think about cars.

What have I been doing for the past month? The short answer to that is learning. So far I’ve spent time across Customer Service, Operations, Logistics and Credit Control, doing side by side with agents to see how we are interacting with our customers. I’ve listened to calls, read emails/chats/complaints and really enjoyed reading the vibrant threads in this community. I’ve also spoken to a number of customers, and I’ve learnt a lot about what we can do to improve.

That said, I can see the improvements the Onto CS team have achieved last year. This is thanks to @Carol leadership with the most recent improvements being the doubling of our CS team as of 10th January 2022, creating a new help centre to make it easier for you to find support and adding more support with @Claire_at_Onto helping @Raheel_at_Onto in the community. We aren’t stopping here. We know we can improve and we will.

So what does the future hold? I have a clear vision on how we can scale gracefully. Over the next few months, we will be looking to improve the tech we are using across our contact channels (known as Omnichannel experience) to make it effortless for you to get through to a CS agent with the right tools and permission to solve your queries at first contact. I’ll also be focusing on how we deal with customer complaints, not just how quickly we resolve issues, but what we learn from those complaints to fix problems that we consistently see. We will also be further expanding the coverage and engagement with this wonderful community. As we go further into the future, we aspire to create experiences where you as customers can do anything an Onto CS agent can do, but when you need help, you will get it from an agent that can solve your problems.

I’m naturally curious and love to learn, so if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can make the Onto experience better, then please feel free to tag me on posts. For customer service related questions, we will ensure that we are monitoring the forum and engaging in a timely manner, but feel free to continue to tag @Carol or I. As Carol said in her introduction last year, we might not be able to solve everything for everybody straight away, but we are listening, and we will share with you our continued commitment to effortless experiences with Onto.

I’ll sign this post off with a question for you all. Where have you seen the biggest improvement at Onto in the past year and where do you think we can still improve?

Look forward to being part of this great community.




Welcome Adam, it’s amazing to see ONTO working so hard to get the customer service bang on!

As you said Carol has transformed the CS experience and hopefully long may the improvements continue :heart_eyes:

Customer service was pretty dire before Carol joined, there was no escalation systems and it seemed that most feedback was processed via a shredder. With the introduction of tickets and live chat, that has to be the biggest improvement.

Driverline is still a bit of a bugbear from what I’ve seen on here, but nowhere near where it was early last year.

I think one other important thing that could be looked at again, now the pandemic seems to be fading away at last, is the potential reintroduction of swap points, even if we have to travel to Coventry as a central drop point, it would be great to not have to worry about paying £200 to test a vehicle if you’re new to EV’s and want to dip your toe in the water (general feedback from friends who’d potentially be new customers) - (£339 for 1 month trial of the E-UP and £200 collection and delivery is the deal breaker to most)

All we need now is the EV6 or Ioniq 5 :joy::crossed_fingers::heart_eyes:

~Kev (A. K. A. The ONTO Karen) :joy:


Hi Karen (A.K.A. Kev),

Thanks for the lovely welcome. I’m really glad to hear that you feel the difference from the hard work that @Carol and the CS team have put in over the last year.

Thanks for the feedback on Driverline, is there a specific process within that or just in general?

We also hear you loud and clear about drop off and pick up points. It’s definitely a pain point we want to fix.

Ref the EV6 or Ioniq 5, I’d love to try some of them as well.

Look forward to talking to you more as we continue to build an even better experience for our customers.



I’m just commenting based on forum posts. I had a few awful experiences with them, but lately I’ve had no complaints.

September 2020

I couldn’t wait to swap the Zoe after this experience… Then I got this…

Nov 2020

All pre-dating Carol, and touch wood, I’ve not had any major issues since :crossed_fingers:


Continue to be impressed by Onto’s intentions and commitment to delivering better service. :+1:

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Likewise from Grandad.:older_man:

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Welcome to the Madhouse aka the community.

It is good to see OntO invest in customer service, and hopefully the omni channel includes some aspect of self service, but not losing the human touch where necessary.


Welcome, Adam. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


Good luck in your new role. I am sorry to say that you will have quite a challenge is my experience is anything to go by. I’ve been a customer for over 2 years and whilst I think the Onto idea is a good one and it works for me, I have had a number of outstanding issues that are never resolved and I have given up even trying.


Spot on @mozzauk its a fine balance. Automate the routine (self service where you can’t automate) and humanise the exceptions is the general principle I’ve followed previously.


Thanks for sharing @Kev and good to hear that since you aren’t experiencing these kind of issues. It’s good to understand the history.


@RMitchell thanks for the note, I’ll drop you a DM and happy to chat about your experiences. The more I understand the more I can help design the kind of experiences you expect.


Having recently gone through an ITIL course teaching similar principles, you just gave me flashbacks to those awfully long slideshow presentations.

Replying here as well as to the email.

This is excellent news, I was wondering who to forward the latest YouTube conservation between Richie and Louis Rossman about why Tesla CS sucks. I was watching and it was painfully apparent that it’s the same thing that I’ve mentioned about since forever.

Empowering your CS agents will lead to customer retention! Why is this painfully obvious?

Anyway, check out the video here:

I’m barking at the moon of course but hopefully it falls on receptive ears



PS congrats on the new job :blush: I’m not really a dick in real life. Ask my invisible friend.


@Technoprobe Death by PowerPoint, I’ve lived that dream during parts of my career lol. 6 years at Amazon knocked that out of me. Narrative are much better way of structuring and presenting new ideas, strategy and products.


@ajn Computer says no. That’s the worst experience of all. I’m in agreement that empowerment ie the right people, systems, permissions, policies, training and the ability to just do the right thing is the basis to achieve the kind of experience you are talking about.


What wait? This isn’t real life?

Say hi to your invisible friend, tell him I will always be very transparent with him.


Hi, I’d like to reiterate swap points so you don’t have to necessarily take the day off work, and hopefully pay a much reduced fee if not zero for the swap. It also opens up the availability of the fleet to the whole country instead of having this post code divide where some postcodes served by certain depots have less stock than others.

Also, I would really like to see a vehicle in that gap between £589 and £899 because I personally don’t feel any of the cars at the £589 or under are a good long term fit, because of the lack of premium feel and or small size of the vehicles however, £899 is too much to stretch to on a long term basis, especially with the ID4 and Audis being poorly spec’d. Sorry if that makes me sound entitled, but it’s hard earned money. You could also consider offering some of the more expensive cars with a smaller battery as well as the big one in order to reduce the price and make the car more accessible to more people.

When I’ve been in contact with onto staff they seem always willing to help and find a solution they’ve been excellent but Onto’s systems, processes, website and app have generally been a bit poor.


Welcome Adam to and the family,

The overall experience so far has been very good for me, 3 cars later and all positive, I think one area that seems to come and go is Live Chat as I would rather use this than block a CS dealing with a serious issue or a newbie needing help, and coming back to me within 30 minutes or so.

I am hoping that we may see the ev6 and ioniq 5 on here soon as these are definetly game changers for price and quality and would definetly be extremely popular but I am also wondering if are looking to bring on more of the chinese cars that are about to come to Europe and the UK, like Ora, BYD, EXpeng etc, especially as the fisker Ocean is away off.

Well good luck on your journey forward.