Introducing the Peugeot e-208 and the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense!

crossback ultra prestige being delivered 12th nov :slight_smile:

@Pinky_Ponk are you interested in a DS3? Would of thought it’s right up your street :wink:

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Ordered delivery date 12th Nov, apparently I should never of been told what I was, it could have been booked to me yesterday when I called 🤦

I would definitely have gone for the DS3 but the price is just a little to high, especially with the current situation we are all facing. Maybe when things settle down I’ll updgrade to a DS3

The price is a bit steep :eyes:
I’m not paying more for a Citroën than I’m paying for my BMW.


That’s always the danger when introducing a new model to the fleet. Current customers swap which could generate some extra income, but not as good as attracting new subscribers. Hopefully they’ll be able to get enough new clients to take the freed up Zoes, as well as the remaining 1100 units yet to arrive in the coming months.

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What vehicle have you got at present?

i have the zoe 50 gt

@Slimtrader10 Don’t forget that you will lose all your mileage credit as the DS3 is in the tier above ZOE.

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Peugeot e-208 booked for 17 November.

Sorry Zoe. It’s not me, it’s you…

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What the what now?
What of your going from a zoe to a 208?

Wanted an e-208 since I saw this one at Fully Charged Live in June 2019. The great thing about ONTO is that if I don’t like it I can swap back to a ZOE :wink:

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Zoe and 208 are both in Small car bracket so you keep any built up mileage credit.


But unfortunately lose it off the i3 despite only a £20 price difference!

I was explicitly told this was not the case on the phone with customer services earlier. I will wait and see what happens. Won’t make a huge difference to me either way, in my case.

Doesn’t surprise me, I was told the Peugeot is Tier 1 same as Zoe. But you never can be sure with ONTO staff each staff member will probably tell you something different.

I have a transcript of a Web Chat during which I was clearly told that mileage credit is transferable between a Zoe and a 208.

Tier 1: Zoe, 208
Tier 2: i3, DS3

Reading the conditions again, I note that if you go from Tier 1 to Tier 2, you can’t use any Mileage Credit you had accrued. However, if you then go back to a Tier 1 car, you can access those miles again.


I suppose a line had got to be drawn somewhere, and some of the prices are relatively close together. Maybe it just means you’re getting a great deal on the i3 :wink:

So mileage you accrue in each tier is frozen if you move to another tier, but can be accessed again if you move back. Presumably the rule that mileage credit must be used within 12 months of acquiring it still applies.

It’s a shame that you can’t choose to take mileage credit with you if you go from a higher tier to a lower one. In that case you are effectively the loser. Maybe that is too much to administer.

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That is correct! I can confirm the Peugeot e-208 is Tier 1, and the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense is Tier 2.

I have now updated that table on the mileage blog for clarity :slight_smile:


i have only had the Zoe for 2 weeks hahah