Introducing the Jaguar I-Pace HSE

Hi all,

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks regarding car deliveries - today, we have one more that’s joining our fleet!

We’re introducing the Jaguar I-Pace HSE, ready to be delivered in late November.

If you want one, book it ASAP as we will only have limited availability of this car.

When luxury meets power… you get this breath-taking EV.

Check out all the details on our blog!


Amazing car, way way out of my price range but good to see more choices !


Wow!, Stunning car but that price? Wouldn’t it be much more cost efficient to buy it if you were paying that sort of price a month!

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Love this car but who’s going to pay £1299 to rent a car.


@burnt_crisps2 will this tempt you away from Pivotal? (Jaguar’s own subscription service. £950 a month plus one off £550 joining fee. Insurance is included for two people, with a £500 excess)

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Choice of blue, grey and black at the moment too.
No Red, so the Blue would be a great change.
I suspect these are the outgoing 2020 model rather than the updated 2021 one with new infotainment system and faster on board ac charger.

Can’t see me swapping as the deal with Pivotal is better at the moment.
Nearly 2 months in and likely to stay with it for a full 6 months (£950 deal will end for me then, although anyone signing up from now till end of year gets the deal and a referral from me for more off… £125) and then decide what to do next, although I can return after 3 months, but it’s way to much fun to think of doing that yet.

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There’s a huge difference between purchase and short term subscription and nothing is really efficient when you are talking cars. I am not forking out £80K for any EV when there is so much turmoil and change in the industry. A year ago I paid a deposit on a M3P with Evezy, which did not result in a vehicle for over 6months, lockdown arrived so this is a long deserved treat for us. And we are loving it. It’s an amazing vehicle.

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Driver included maybe?

Hi all! We thought we would jump in just to point out the exact specification of the I-Pace we have added to the fleet. Not all comparisons are equal.

Jaguar offers the I-Pace with two powertrains, a 320PS (236kW) and the 400PS (294kW) model. All Onto I-Pace’s are the new 2021 model year and have the 400PS (294kW) All Wheel Drive powertrain. We then decided to go for the highest trim level offered by Jaguar, the HSE and added a few factory options we just had to have (metallic paint, panoramic roof and privacy glass). Our cars are incredibly well equipped!

Onto vehicles are also eligible for salary sacrifice. With the benefit-in-kind tax savings, the equivalent monthly price can drop well below £800 including insurance and with no deposit.

If you have any other questions do let me know :slight_smile:


@Lily_at_Onto You might want to update the website information so it’s clear that it’s the newer 2021 model variant, with the faster 11kW AC on board charger (although few in the U.K. have 3 phase to take advantage of this) and new infotainment system. It also has complimentary 4G connectivity as standard.

Also you should get the spec data corrected as it wrongly states the 0 to 60 and top speed and I expect there maybe other errors, but those are the most obvious.


@Lily_at_Onto one other minor point the EV320 lower powered version is not available in the U.K., only a limited number of European countries. Good to see it’s a good price with salary sacrifice and if not already that should be highlighted in bold on your website as it is great deal for those that are interested.

Could you send me more info on the salary sacrifice thanks

Hey @Slimtrader10, you can see all the information here and if you register your interest our team will be in touch with you.

If you have any questions let me know!

See it’s only available in grey at the moment (when checking a few postcodes) so there must be a few subscribers who have got this car. Anybody on here?


No one wants to own up to being that rich :wink:


I suspect they are business users on salary sacrifice. :wink::+1:


Here’s a good long term review if you are interested in the Jaguar I-pace…


I had yours and it’s excellent. The only disappointment was that Jaguar discontinued active steering assist in the 2021 model. Love the car anyway.

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Great car. Be nice to see more options of them £400/500 cars aswel x

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