Introducing the brand new 2021 Peugeot e-208 GT!

Hey guys! Great news again :wink:

We have just added the 2021 Peugeot e-208 GT to our fleet!

Peugeot has adopted a new range structure for the new e-208 from 2021, with the aim of standardising it across Europe to assist in the management of CO2.

Due to the standardisation of equipment there have been numerous changes to the specification by trim level. This means we will no longer be receiving e-208 GT Lines, as they have ceased to be offered by Peugeot. Instead, starting in Feb we will be receiving the brand new e-208 GT.

So what is the difference between both trim levels?

The new GT comes with two amazing new features that the GT Line doesn’t have:

  • PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®: 10.0" capacitive colour touchscreen including connected 3D Navigation with 3-year subscription for RealTime Traffic & SpeedCam
  • Passive blind spot detection

The small downside is that the new GT will not have the phone charging pad that our GT Line currently has.

The new model is available to book now for deliveries in mid-february. For the first 100 customers, we will be offering a special price of £469, which will be secured for the next 9 months.

More information about the Peugeot e-208 GT visit our website or blog. Don’t miss out! Book or swap now!

Ps. Just to be really clear, this new e-208 GT is from their NEW line up. The GT from their old line up would now be more similar in specs to the new GT Premium.

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Think you will have a few swappsies in a few minutes time :grinning:


Nope, not biting! :laughing: Although I’d be tempted if I hadn’t already sorted a replacement :wink:

I must admit, the short range is a bit of a downer, apart from that, it’s a lovely car!

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It says no wireless charging which isn’t a major issue but what about seats is it leather seats and heated ?

The heated seats and adaptive cruise control are only available in the highest new spec, the GT premium.


I’m surprised they didn’t go for that! “Premium” specs are highly sought after, but OnTo don’t seem to have any apart from Tesla/I Pace

Would’ve been nice to see a bit of “luxury” for sub £500 IMO

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Ah think i may just stay then not to fussed with the bigger screen i use the wireless charging more than the big screen


I love my e-208 (if only the range was a bit better), and the additional features are not enough to tempt me for the additional cost per month and a swap fee.

But great to see yet more vehicles.

Just hope this summer I can try and get my mileage credit down a bit . . . I already have enough to drive to Istanbul and back :crazy_face:


Yep, the Kona offers is also the highest spec one, the Premium SE.

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Oops, forgot that. :see_no_evil:

Does that have ACC and heated seats?

It does, both ACC with lane keep assist and heated front and rear seats. The front ones are also ventilated.


Nice, as well as a decent range! I stand corrected :see_no_evil:

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With that shocking range? No thanks


@Lily_at_Onto So £469 for the first 9 months. What will be the price after that (and for the 101st customer from month one)?

Just wondering what this statement in the blog means:

”This price will be secured for the next 9 months. Past this time, Onto reserves the right to de-fleet this model.”

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Hi @E7EV ! We will update our website with the new price once we get there :slightly_smiling_face: .
The statement on the blog means we may collect the car to sell it

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So worst case scenario it means people changing into the new GT one will have to switch to a new car again in 9 months time?

I guess so, depending on mileage.

If someone is doing 1750 miles a month, ONTO would probably look to sell it at 9 months old before it is too “high mileage” I guess

@Lily_at_Onto if you take the GT back in 9 months, would we be charged a swap fee when you provide us with a replacement vehicle (presumably one of our choice)?

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I’m guessing (and hoping) that “Swap Points” are a thing in 9 months time! There needs to be some “normality” soon!

Do you think Swap Points are coming back? I’m not so sure.

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