Introducing our home-charging partner, Pod Point!

We’ve got some very exciting news to share with you all! We’re partnering with the UK’s leading home charging provider, Pod Point!

As the UK’s number one, Pod Point are working to make electric cars as accessible as possible for everyone, something we’re also truly passionate about. So we’ve teamed up to help make driving an electric car even more flexible and convenient.

If you aren’t familiar with Pod Point, they’re the UK’s most popular home charger, having installed over 100,000 units across the UK and Europe since launching in 2009.

With the new Pod Point Solo 3, you can benefit from a charger that’s 3x faster than a 3-pin plug, providing up to 30 miles of range per hour, along with a range of additional features including Charge Scheduling, remote Over-the-Air updates, and Auto Power Balancing.

We’re on a mission to spread the environmental and convenience benefits of electric cars, but some areas of the UK still need better access to public chargers. Our free public charging is not going anywhere though, offering Onto subscribers flexibility wherever they drive.

What’s in it for you, our fantastic Onto community?

On top of the government’s OZEV grant for home chargers (worth £350), which is due to expire by 31 March 2022, Onto customers will receive up to £50 off. The total price also includes standard installation at your home. Visit and submit your inquiry using the code ONTOPOD .

Want to know more?

Check out our new home charging page here!

*All Onto customers who have been subscribed for at least 6 consecutive months are eligible for the OZEV grant. The only other requirements are that you need to have off-street parking for your electric car and that you should have the charger installed by 31st March 2022. If you haven’t been a subscriber for at least 6 months, you can still get the free upgraded tethered or a discounted untethered charger, but you won’t be eligible for the OZEV grant.


Nice to see, but to be honest, pod point isn’t really the best or most economical charger installation.

But, it’s a great move forward :+1:

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Not worth it for anyone staying in flats. Does this partnership also include public podpoint chargers with the ONTO subscription?


What’s the usual price without the grant?

As per pod-point website…

Home Charging

Fast, safe and wi-fi enabled chargepoints from £799

Get started

The intelligent way to charge your EV.
Fully installed from £799.

I believe you can find cheaper from other providers. I live in a duplex would love installed on my first floor but haven’t been with onto for 6 months :frowning:

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Cheers couldn’t find it on the mobile standing outside the Panto waiting for the kid


Might as well get a Zappi

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The sites behind you :stuck_out_tongue:


After trying a Q4 etron with onto we ordered a Q4 lease car for later next year and got a podpoint as part of the deal, it got fitted quickly and very happy with it.


I would seriously consider it. I am very lucky in that I have 2 rapid chargers with 3 min drive from my home. Albeit that when going to charge at BP Pulse last night I discovered that my card had broken off from my keyring! (But thank you Onto for answering my call so quickly last night and again this morning after I still couldn’t find it) and for ordering a replacement…customer service is excellent. But as I haven’t been with Onto for 6 months yet the home charger (discount) is not applicable for me so for the time being I will sit comfortably in the local hotel while I wait for the car to charge


welcome to my boat same under 6 months. most of us who will consider won’t be able as the 6 months requirements unlike you I haven’t got 3 min away but I do have 30min which for me that suffice for now

Since seeing the advert in December 2021, I signed up and paid December 23rd and I am happy to say mine was fitted yesterday (January 14th, 2022). I am sooo grateful because I was seriously struggling without a home charger! I had a charger on my London home when I leased the LEAF in 2014, recently bought a new home outside of London which did not have one and really suffered losing about 90 minutes a day in charging time (due to the increased sales of EVs in 2021 many public fast chargers are so congested).

Anyway, just a quick THANK YOU to On.To and Podpoint for organising the installation in record time.


What was the total cost if you don’t mind saying ?


With the government discount around £500


@Lily_at_Onto - I asked on Live Chat for a letter to confirm OZEV eligibility, but was told as I didn’t have the vehicle for >6 months, I can’t get one!

I’ve been a subscriber for ages - well over 6 consecutive months, but as I only swapped the vehicle 2 months ago, I was told there is nothing ONTO can do, is that right or is your quote above right and the Live Chat advisor was wrong?

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Hi Kev,

I’ve just had a look and you’d definitely be eligible. We’ve not yet issued a letter confirming this to Pod Point as we’ve not had any confirmation that you’ve applied.

But I’ve reached out to Pod Point to get that checked and we’ll be in touch hopefully later today to give you an update.


Thanks Lily.

Company 1: ‘they are aware and shouldn’t be an issue’

Company 2: ‘we have no idea what company 1 are on about’

Quite literally the story of my life :joy:

The only rush was for the March OZEV Deadline, so plenty of time to go yet :joy:

I decided to go for a 22kW charger for future proofing, Pod Point undercuts all the local installers by over £650 :flushed:

I’ve dropped you a DM with the case number (Pod Point) and invoice number if that helps


Just to confirm. Your letter has been issued Kev, and Pod Point will take the next steps and contact you to arrange installation (if they haven’t already).

Hope you love the convenience of a home charger!