Introducing Onto's new project - we want to hear from you!

Good Afternoon Onto Community!

For those that know me already, it’s nice to see you! For those that don’t know me, a quick introduction : I’m George, one of the Customer Service Managers here at Onto. I’ve been here since the Evezy days (back when you could have any colour of car you wanted as long as it was white!) and it’s been an amazing journey seeing us go from a small start up to the largest EV fleet in the UK, with even more planned for the years to come!

The Onto journey is still in its first chapters, and today, I’m here to ask your help in crafting one of the next chapters.

I don’t want to give too much away, so for now, I’ll tease you with our project goal : we want to ensure that our members have access to the best support possible, with answers to their questions literally a click away. It’s a project very much in its infancy, which is why I am here today to ask for some quick feedback from you, our amazing Community.

Below is a quick poll to gather your opinions on our current FAQ’s, and if you think the content provided is helpful. I’d also love to hear of any specific areas you feel need more support or information. One area we are currently seeing a lot of queries about is relating to vehicle range during the colder months, something which I am experiencing myself as this is my first ‘electric winter’.

I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have regarding the above as I’m wanting to have as much Community input as I can on this, after all, this project is for our members! During this project, I won’t be able to help out on any Customer Service queries, but we’ll have Raheel and one other CS team member popping in each day to help out with anything that comes up.

Advance thank you’s to all who participate here, your feedback as always is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

  • 5 - The FAQ’s are really good
  • 4 - The FAQ’s s are good
  • 3 - The FAQ’s are okay
  • 2 - The FAQ’s are bad
  • 1 - the FAQ’s are really bad

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Thing is (as I transmogrify from complete Newbie to Old Hand)…

At the moment, anyone coming to EV (from ICE-world) will probably come via other physical means of introduction talking and trying EVs at one of the many current places/events…or…

…spend months of research lapping up stuff on YouTube, through Podcasts etc (Yeah - that was me… 6+ months)

or a bit of both, and a bit of word-of-mouth …and some misinformation from a bloke-down-the-pub.

And to be honest the role of FAQs is a difficult one. I mean - how would you cover every base? I don’t envy you having to decide what to provide.

In an ideal world, you could talk to everyone, and of course you have Chat (although personally I’ve not tried that yet for anything)… but no commercial organisation can be every thing to every one who rocks up at the virtual front door… :thinking:

Personally I think a series of short (<5 minutes) videos like your “Quick Start Video” is of more value than stuff to read - this shows people things… unless there’s a really good search facility in any FAQs.

Just my 2d.


My gripe with the FAQ was no search facility. The content is extensive and probably follows a structure but its not evident. Perhaps an index of headings which you could touch on?:older_man:

Edit. Ok so the web site FAQ is divided up better than the app Faq. Perhaps some continuity.:older_man:

2nd Edit. On the web page the FAQ option is tucked away in the small print right at the base of the main page. Could it be added as an option on the menu selection (three horizontal lines top of page). Perhaps between Blogg and Business.:older_man:


I think a number of people will head to the forums if they have a question in their mind, rather than sift through FAQs - especially when there are a lot of questions which are frequently asked, so that FAQs can be an ordeal to get through in themselves!

I think “stickies” in the forum would answer a lot of peoples’ questions, especially if they were formatted in the form of ‘processes’ such as “What to expect on delivery day” and “What to expect on my first visit to a charger”.

I do really love ONTO’s drive to be constantly listening to feedback and striving to improve :slight_smile:


The FAQ’s are good.
Unfortunately, people don’t read (myself included – my first support query was for something that was in an FAQ)-- it’s just human nature unfortunately, and not everyone learns the same way.

What’s probably a really helpful thing would be to put together some top tips for most frequently asked things (how things like mileage, the app, charging, included networks, car range, do’s and don’ts etc) into a video for some people I think a youtube video would be much easier to consume than a wall of text?


Hi George,

This is my area of product / UX expertise at work (knowledge management)

Happy to have a discussion with you, other members of the team for 45 mins or so if this is helpful.

For starters, FAQs themselves can be a bit divisive. And you might want to invest in tech to allow people to search them more effectively, or use it as a divert channel when opening a support case.

Let me know,


As much as the faqs give you info as a fairly new user I found the forum better and believed it over the faq as they are real experiences and honest. Faqs as good as they are are generally give you answers that are in an ideal situation on most sites so I trusted the community more.


Welcome to the forum George, I have previously posted about you on here, it’s great to see more ONTO staff here - especially those involved in Customer Service issues.

Thank you for all your previous assistance and I look forward to seeing your input on this forum :slight_smile:


Thanks for the e-mail ONTO.
Not got my car yet (2nd Dec) but will gladly give you a honest review, so don’t let me down now :joy: :joy:

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Thank you for your contribution (the 2d reference did catch me out momentarily!)

I wholly agree with the video suggestion, as a visual learner myself they’ve always proven to be the best course (though i have found it frustrating at times when you have to sit there for ages til they get to the key points!)

Whilst some points may require the dreaded “Wall of Text” images and videos are certainly something that we’re wanting to focus on adding in where possible. As they say, a picture can paint a thousand words


Thanks for the notes @Grandadgeorgec

The placement of the FAQ’s on the site was actually one of the first things brought up in our initial project overview meeting, and we’re looking at making them more prominent.

I’ve noted down the app layout for the FAQ’s, it certainly is a bit of a struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for in there.


Thanks for the kind words @thundertim

Prior to this post I’d been doing a fair bit of Community surfing, and had noted mention of “stickies” being made. We’re reviewing the best kind of stickies to post, but expect to see them relatively soon.

When we’re training new staff members I always say how there is nothing better than experiencing something yourself, so I’ll be looking at intergrating member experience for certain knowledge topics wherever possible for future members to read up on


@George_at_Onto Is there more than one set of FAQ’s? the only FAQ I can see is about the Forum : Is there another one with newbie ? car - how to ? just drive? sections etc?
@K12Beano Good point people can come to EV’s via lots of research. OR people come to EV’s not by entire by choice, eg London congestion & emission zones (we can see this rolled across other cities / Car conking out /Climate etc.

For those with spare time to research at depth vs just get a car and drive will have differing needs with respect to the Forum and FAQ’s.

Some great suggestions there @Tyson

We do have our Quick Start Video available in the app, but I appreciate that there are a (mind-boggling) number of different charge providers out there and about just as many different styles of charge posts, as an example. Certainly going more in depth with the difference between slow, fast and rapid chargers is on the (charge) cards, plus more extensive support in other areas, and being as visual as possible.


Hi @Pheo

Thank you for the kind offer! At the moment we are working with a Content Designer, but as you’ll know this certainly isn’t a cut and shut project, it’ll be requiring on going support into the future. As to who will be looking after it, thats to be decided, but I’ll be sure to keep your offer on hand if we do ever need to take you up on it!

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Hi @ElectricBug you can see out current FAQ’s here.

I’m sorry to hear they were hard to find, but it supports the earlier comment made by @Grandadgeorgec that they’re not the easiest to locate on the webpage!

It’s on my list to follow up on making it more prominent next week!


Please, not another chatbot .

I think the words “Hi, I’m Tobi!” would haunt any Vodafone customer!


I agree, please no chatbots.

I think the FAQ’s need to be easy to understand and also easy to get to, and it has to cater to those who learn by reading and those who learn by watching/ doing.

Also remember UX is very subjective, and it would be good if OntO obtained real user experience as IT people (and I include myself in that) see a whole different world to an none IT person.


Hi @George_at_Onto got my e-mail saying my car is booked and to look at quick start guide, did so and saw this circled below.
You can understand why some find it confusing. You say you get 3 RFID cards but on quick start guide it says I only get 2 :confused: