Introducing Onto’s Refresh and Retire Program

There is mention of “old favourites” joining the fleet soon…

Will be sad to lose the i3 when it happens! ID3 is nice but not as nippy or tall.

None of the current cars can match i3 on range, performance and especially Price!

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Hi Jason, to answer your questions:

  1. We will notify you by email, but it will be at least 2-3 months.

  2. If you don’t swap your car, you should be signing your hiring agreement until the last day of defleeting.

  3. That’s the last time you can book your swap, Zoes are available with delivery in July.

  4. If you registered before Jan 2020, yes.

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Mine came with a deadline also, 14th October, with the suggestion a portion of Zoe’s and e-Ups would be available to those retiring their vehicle.

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@Jason have you decided yet what will replace your ZE40?

Is yours a 69 plate i3?

It’s a ‘19 plate (Reg starts LJ19) and its date of first registration was 30 June 2019

Mines 69plate. Reg date Jan 2020.
I believe I’ve got one of the last ones.
I hope I can keep it till next year, the only onto car I’d currently swap to is the Etron but it’s silly money.

Basically onto wanna sell them.

Most rental company’s and lease companies do this.

Make the most out the car and then sell it once it reaches a certain age or millage which ever first.

It also avoids taxes.

There is also a big ev buying surge so I’m sure they need wanna get in there …unless there cars are from a third party fleet company not sure.

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Just had the email :-1:t3:

Why isn’t the VW family or Q4 in my list of cars I can swap to?

I don’t like any of the other cars you’ve suggested in the form you’ve emailed me @Lily_at_Onto @Carol

Have they just been missed off the list by accident or have I got to book one when you decide to release them?
As your whipping my car early (it’s not 2years old) I think you should be giving me first dibs on choice of next car.

When does your i3 have to be returned by?

Edit: Just seen on another thread that it’s November.

They’ve not formally announced the bookings for them yet, which is why I’m guessing.

ID.3 Family is what we want to switch to we believe. Hoping the sunroof and LED Matrix lights would give it a premium feel edge over the Life.

Have you tried a ID3 yet?

I love the i3 one pedal driving style, hoping to swap to something similar with hard regen.

I haven’t. I’m tempted to book a test drive though, maybe this weekend if I can swing one. Have never done one in this country though- anything in particular to watch out for?

The only car with the same (or better) regen/one pedal driving IMO is the Model 3, but at nearly £1100 A MONTH… maybe not!

Just got the dreaded email too. However it was well written, clear and offered some helpful options. Even called out my rewards balance.

Any hope of the ID.4 joining the fleet?

Don’t get the id.3 then as it’s regen us pretty non existent ,

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ZE50 GT.

At least 20 characters

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So we are all not due to hand back our beloved i3 for a couple of months, but with the ever changing range of cars coming to market it would be really good to know whats coming to OnTo in the future so we can all make a more informed decision.
If the Ioniq 5 was coming that would make my decision a little easier ??
Any of the detectives on here found out any nuggets of information?

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