Introducing Onto’s Refresh and Retire Program

Hi all,

To build the best fleet of stellar electric cars that we possibly can, we need to give room to the new, and, unfortunately, need to say goodbye to the old.

However, with electric cars improving gradually almost every day, this is far from being bad news. With new features like cutting-edge tech, brand-new models, never-before-seen additions, bigger batteries and longer range, staying with the same cars forever would be doing a huge disservice to our subscribers. So needless to say, it’s imperative that we rotate our fleets quite frequently.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, we’re introducing our Refresh and Retire (R&R) program. That way, we can keep you updated on the status of our cars as they naturally progress through their life cycle.

Find out more by reading our blog post here

As always, we are constantly trying to improve our service. If you have anything to say about the R&R program, please fill in this form. It will only take 2 minutes.


This is a very good step in the right direction towards more transparency!

Appreciate the transparency but I will be sad when the i3 appears in the list!

Perhaps there will be a way to offer retiring cars for sale to subscribers…?


I see you’ve given the Tesla subscribers many many months notice before refreshing / retiring their cars, I do hope you do the same for the other cars!

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This is a much appreciated step that foregoes me constantly emailing to get an idea when the ZE40 I’ve got is going to be returned.

It’s a shame that it’s going back, especially whilst on a legacy rate, which limits me to the e-UP (unavailable as of writing) as the only vehicle close to it in price.

Even if it was available it’s a step in the wrong direction in terms of space and usability for me, so once the Zoe is returned that’ll likely be it for me with Onto.

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I got this email. Surprised I lasted this long with over 2 years and 28,000 miles on the Zoe 40 clock.

Few questions;

  • The email says “you will have time to choose your new Onto car”, but how much actual time is that?

  • What happens if I just continue to sign the current monthly agreement going forward?

  • Trying to book a swap for the Zoe GT through the replacement link but the earliest delivery is October. However booking a car through the website has availability in August?

  • Finally, do my other legacy pricing benefits carry forward like free 2nd Driver?

Looks like you’ve topped my 2 years and 26k miles, well done. Like you I’ve been expecting an email for months regarding this.

From what I have read on this forum, and with onto direct you will lose all legacy benefits being the pricing, second driver so you’ll now have to pay the listed price and £10 pcm for the additional driver if that’s still the going rate.

Originally you were given a few options of free return/swap, discounted rate for 3 months in a new vehicle and I’m sure there was another but that topic was about the first lot of i3’s that were rotated out of service.

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…and where does the BMW i3 belong on the refresh/retire list?


sounds good to me :+1:t2:

While we are not equipped to sell our cars directly, should a customer have a serious interest in acquiring their car and upon request to Onto, we can arrange for one of our partners (dealer) to contact the customer to manage the sale. We can provide an idea of the market value of the car to the customer, however the sale (including price) is entirely between the customer and the dealer.


Thats a superb idea, thank you ONTO. As I don’t have many years left within your age limits it may be a great option for me at the time. :older_man:


@Carol @Lily_at_Onto
That’s great, although still concerned regarding the availability of a suitable car from the fleet when the swap should happen. It would be very straightforward if you provide a form to specify which model you want to swap to, without the limitations of availability depending on your postcode and your depot system and will gather the necessary requests in advance to deal with the logistics part.
The 5 months notice provided for the first casualties in the fleet is very generous indeed, but the associated price change is not the limited kind you mentioned in the blog post, unfortunately.
I hope there will be a proper solution available to make the first retirement wave as smooth as possible to the subscribers.

I understand we are asking you to fill a form in to collect data and we have more old favourites coming onto the fleet as well and therefore we believe we should be able to facilitate all requirements for swaps. As for the price change I am afraid we have added discounts to assist the change but we have prices set based on our product modelling and we are unable to move on them, I would like to thank you for your loyalty to Onto to date and we hope we can retain you as a future customer


For anyone wondering about the fate of the i3

Brings a tear to my eye that’s for sure!


Suggested alternates are the ID.3 Life and the e208 GT, suggesting there are some stock of those held back for i3 drivers.

Would be nice to see if there’s a chance the ID.3 Family is coming soon that I’d be much keener on that!!

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A fair while until late October though so that’s good

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The swap isnt till october so I reckon they assume they will have stock by then

Your email gave you a deadline of 19th October. Mine just says “you will have time”. 🤷🏻

I just had my email same as yours @Tyson
My lovely i3 on legacy… Going!
So it’s either on to a ZOE Gt for the same amount or the VW ID3… For an additional £160 a month :pensive::pensive::pensive:

At the moment there is stock of NOTHING!!?!?!

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Maybe your car is slightly newer than ours and you’ve got a bit more time to wait/act.

October 19 does seem like a long way away but the rate this year is going it’ll be round in no time I’m sure!

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